the power of youth

I see the rich and the powerful

so proud of their materialistic might

I see the braggy youth on the earth

arrogant and egoistic to prove self right

this hunger and boastfulness of power

many times take them far from humanity

the power rides high on their heads

and drives them towards the insanity

but slowly as the time will pass by

as the body will start becoming fragile

and the limbs stop listening to the mind

the vision becoming blur and volatile

they will come to know what is real power

their real friends and the need of the hour

then they will be forced to accept the truth

there is nothing really called as power of youth



the language of innocene

if you are from a nation where

there are thousands of languages

and like the taste of water

change every twelve kilometres

where you fail to predict what language

the other person speaks or understands

and when they meet each other

like strangers from other planet

they always wish if there was

some way to translate their words

the life would have been easier

and the atmosphere bit breezier

it is the evolution of human species

that has created this linguistic divide

else it is the language of innocence

that is well heard and understood

and we all interact in that language

with our kids and the newborns

till they grow up and get immersed

into this ocean full of languages



the juicy trap

one should never get carried away

by the juicy language of people

the juicy comments of companions

the juicy suggestions of individuals

The juice leaves the squeeze behind

which carries the entire history

about the real quality of the served juice

and all that surrounded mystery

so that you are cautioned while ingesting

those juicy words from people around

those honey traps that are laid for you

those poisonous darts to give you wound

life is not all about juices and cakes

real are so rare and plenty are fakes

one little fault and you are trapped

all your credibility in a minute is scrapped



the health regime

I ran on the treadmill but never reached anywhere

tried brisk walk in morning with plenty of fresh air

I exercised with cycles but it didn’t fetch me anything

I frantically tried all exercises but injured my hamstring

I turned over to squats as they are talk of the town

they help in toning the body, they burn the fat down

no tensions of injuries, no worries for machine

it helps in waste removal and makes people lean

all these are fine, if the basic mindset is good

if we adopt nice habits and intake proper food

If the mind remains calm and heart stays serene

if personality stays pristine and character remains clean



the sound of your silence

I always keep comparing with others

the pairing frequencies that could match

the sonic texture to be distinct enough

the associated vibrations that I could catch

the qualities of sound have power to heal

the calming tone could soothe our soul

amplitude can quickly resonate our mind

the pitch could play a therapeutic role

though sound is the cause of many ills

it leaves us shivering, it gives us chills

the sound of music, the sound of waves

the sound in nature, the sound in caves

the sound of fighter jets is too earsplitting

deafening is the sound of maddening crowd

these blaring sounds are fairly tolerable

but the sound of your silence is extremely loud



live life lightheartedly

one fine day seriousness came to me curiously

and pleaded to take the life more seriously

I laughed at it and thanked for the concern

but expressed my helplessness accordingly

the seriousness cited umteen grievous people

who  dreadfully live their life on this earth

the smile never ever adored their grim faces

and laughter never entered their gloomy hearts

why don’t we take things in life lightheartedly

as we have only one life to live and immortalise

why we waste it in all those trivial concerns

and die many times before the actual demise



the death of trust

though I was too excited for the meet but

your lukewarm response killed the thought

my identity came outside the body and watched

how outrageously my mind and heart fought

I know the scare of fake always haunted you

but the trustfulness always has a sixth sense

and it never leaves its loyalists in the lurch

with its infallible and impregnable defence

the death of trust is a universal phenomenon

termite of suspicion had eaten it from the base

coalescence of reluctance in humans is so huge that

humanity and benevolence have to search their place