the logic gates

when she is in relatively good mood

our conversations are not so crude

together we have a healthy debate

thus making life’s logical AND gate

when she bangs on my face the door

the gate gets converted to logical OR

when she possesses the wild uproar

the logic gate simply turns to XOR

when she doesn’t change her thought

the output resembles the logical NOT

repeated requests don’t alter her stand

circumstances mimic the logical NAND

when neither of us have any say

the logical NOR comes in our way

when that makes us unable to explore

the final logic gate gets stuck to XNOR


the biggest lollipop

whether from bottom or the top

humans always get the lollipop

infants get the temptation of milk

the ladies are allured for the silk

young kids are enticed for toys

the underprivileged for the joys

the teenagers for new gadgets

the workaholics for the widgets

the employees for the bonuses

the lawyers for their notices

the employers for the profits

the savers for their deposits

bloggers for comments and likes

the unions for workmen strikes

there is no end to lollipops offered

it is always that receiver suffered

but the biggest lollipop is the one

that the politicians give to everyone


most dreadful omen

every human has an independent mind

that is the way Almighty has designed

and we need to utilise our own wisdom

to maintain the intellectual ecosystem

when we refrain listening to our mind

and behave as someone mentally blind

when we get carried away by others

and start wounding our own brothers

that becomes the most disastrous event

without giving much opportunity to repent

and kills the individuality He had bestowed

leaving the volcano of misfortunes to explode

a healthy mind makes us a competent human

the brainwash brings the most dreadful omen


the mortal

like farmers existence on heavy toil

extracting the life out of the soil

the Almighty too carves the figure

magically add life to it and deliver

the creatures remain awake in clay

till its strength dies down one fine day

and gets converted to the same soil again

and sends it back to the original domain

what do we really boast for in this life?

what is the reason for our modern strife?

the body is mortal and it will collapse

let’s try to at least save the soul perhaps


Tailless tailor

Oh my sweet tailor, tailless tailor

you are my sailor, cute cute sailor

I am your trailer, follow back trailer

please do me a favour, selfless favour

chase my neighbour blabbering neighbour

stitch her tongue raider, absolute raider

let the noise taper, completely taper

make her peace maker silence maker

you are my saviour, God sent saviour

Oh my sweet tailor, tailless tailor !


the real income

Oh god give me the reward for my spirit

of my patience and my perennial grit

let the new flower blossom in my home

let me come out the failure syndrome

the wait period appear like centuries

embedded with deep mental injuries

there need be appreciation for my efforts

the prohibited luxuries, forbidden comforts

I know you will be coming down to earth

so you made me understand the real worth

let the fresh flower cast the magic smell

into the world with its miraculous spell

and make me proud in the years to come

that shall be my life’s treasure income


your beauty

even when I am not looking at you

I find you the most beautiful person

as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

and they need to seek the real reason

the face can’t remain beautiful forever

so the fire that makes it appear lovely

if the criterion for this are such mortal

everything shall become one day ugly

I have seen your veiled internal beauty

the care and the concern that flows

I have seen your untainted splendour

the nature and character that glows

when I close my eyes and feel the jangle

you are the same stunning mate for me

and when I lose the power to discriminate

you shall still remain lucidly great for me