the love for the nation

the horrifying sound of the traitors

the grisly appeal of the infiltrators

the diplomatic stand of politicians

the demolitions, the oppositions

all these and much more drama

should never dampen your spirit

your unconditional love for country

should never get stuck to any limit

no love is greater than that for the nation

that is the only key for human salvation

rise high, ride fast, quicken your aspirations

sharpen your thoughts, live up to expectations

for you have only one life to live

sacrifice it if at all you can give

for you are because humanity is

you are because the country is



the centre of learning

The sun remains at the centre

of solar system like a benchmark

teaches us how to keep a balance

between the light and the dark

the earth at centre of revolution

of the only moon she owns

teaches us how to take care of

near ones and the well-knowns

the nucleus at the centre of electrons

teaches us how to remain immune

from the violent forces of attraction

of the opposite charges so opportune

the centre of gravity teaches us

to art of balancing the entire body

the centre of pressure educates us

to keep concentrating on the subject

all these centres of various types

carry a different story with them

they are the centre of learnings

for the future generations to come



the modern human

the emotional jiggle of my intrusive thoughts

leave me like an obvious fool many a times

and I become the centre of every ones laughter

and an unprotected node of their brusque chimes

why can’t I put bit of professionalism in my attitude

so that the element of compassion evaporates

and I too become a callous and apathetic being

narcissistic soul from where humanity dissipates

will that make me a complete modern man if I become

the one who start sleeping on the bed of ambitions

the one who will breath passion and envision targets

the one who live the dreams and utter aspirations



fable of my life

Ah, as she walked out of the site

life became so barren and arid

the days so dark and dusty

nights so sleepless and horrid

she says so time starts ticking ahead

she stays and air fetches ecstasy

she changes the whole seasons of my life

she remains and life brings fantasy

the sun of my life rises with her

the moon changes phase accordingly

my heart always beats at her rhythm

the fable of my life appears so logically



that cute baby

I met a cute baby yesterday

and asked for his name

baby replied philosophically

what is in the name?

he asked further mockingly

do you want to know my religion

do you want to guess my caste also

do you want to know my nation?

see, I am just a baby now

don’t build the walls around

I am just a an innocent being

don’t divide my play ground

don’t label my smile and laugh

don’t classify my breath and yawn

don’t categorise my gender or food

don’t compartmentalise my dusk and dawn



always speak right

the art of fooling citizens continues

with their racial or religious slur

the politicians take advantage of it

and try to make everything blur

people never remain human thereafter

they automatically get divided and split

into the caste, creed, religion and language

and all that humanity will never permit

is this the only way to rule the people

is this the only way to jump into power

is this the only way to serve the people

is this the only way for people to empower

speaking bad words is not a great task

by insulting the people one cannot bask

spitting venom will not fetch anything

hold your tongue and you will be the king



my musical mate

the sound of falling rain resonating with passion

the rhythmic breathing riding high with obsession

the rhythm of love surpassing the wild infatuation

the rhythm of words to exemplify our imagination

the rhythm of the life to mark His presence

the rhythm of hope to cherish our existence

the rhythm of the dance to oblivious the grief

the rhythm of the change to greet the relief

she is my own orchestra, she is my symphony

she is my melody, she is my musical harmony

the words her speech create such a lovely rhythm

the music craves to hear that with its full wisdom



my hideout

when I am fed up with the tantrums of life

when I am exhausted with the daily drudgery

when I am fatigued with the never ending struggle

when I am drained up with no road to recovery

I search for the hideout to refresh me up

I search for a shelter to embrace me up

the TV channels aren’t so dear to me

the movie theatres aren’t so near to me

the gym and the games don’t attract me much

the spas and resorts don’t provide healing touch

I wish to sit on the beach with the tides

I wish to wander in the forest on long rides

I wish to relax with the music in my ears

the sky with the stars take away all my fears



the power of youth

I see the rich and the powerful

so proud of their materialistic might

I see the braggy youth on the earth

arrogant and egoistic to prove self right

this hunger and boastfulness of power

many times take them far from humanity

the power rides high on their heads

and drives them towards the insanity

but slowly as the time will pass by

as the body will start becoming fragile

and the limbs stop listening to the mind

the vision becoming blur and volatile

they will come to know what is real power

their real friends and the need of the hour

then they will be forced to accept the truth

there is nothing really called as power of youth



the language of innocene

if you are from a nation where

there are thousands of languages

and like the taste of water

change every twelve kilometres

where you fail to predict what language

the other person speaks or understands

and when they meet each other

like strangers from other planet

they always wish if there was

some way to translate their words

the life would have been easier

and the atmosphere bit breezier

it is the evolution of human species

that has created this linguistic divide

else it is the language of innocence

that is well heard and understood

and we all interact in that language

with our kids and the newborns

till they grow up and get immersed

into this ocean full of languages