scale of innocence


keeping the benchmark

to test the maturity and sense

the age thus is a good measure

of the scale of innocence


The power of crowdfunding

Few days back our maid servant was not in a good mood. Her husband had left the job of driving auto rickshaw and was now sitting at home doing nothing. She remembered the striking difference between her husband and son. Her son is very studious. He scored a decent rank in the engineering entrance exam couple of years back and secured an engineering seat. That time she was so elated that she didn’t eat food properly for few days as she couldn’t digest that good news. However it was later that she became worried about paying the fees and other expenses. Continue reading


your beauty

even when I am not looking at you

I find you the most beautiful person

as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

and they need to seek the real reason

the face can’t remain beautiful forever

so the fire that makes it appear lovely

if the criterion for this are such mortal

everything shall become one day ugly

I have seen your veiled internal beauty

the care and the concern that flows

I have seen your untainted splendour

the nature and character that glows

when I close my eyes and feel the jangle

you are the same stunning mate for me

and when I lose the power to discriminate

you shall still remain lucidly great for me


the real magnet

I was always attracted by that invisible force

that made me ponder for the magical source

though we both were poles apart by nature

the forces of attraction were always greater

though there were many iron man in vicinity

but only we could build the desired affinity

may be our iron will was the main reason

wrapped with electrifying desire so uneven

with Teslas of strength exploding with mirth

making it the most powerful magnet on earth


Should a working woman marry?


Though the question appears bit unorthodox, looking at the current socio-economic environment, its relevance cannot be undermined. Though marriage is an institution, there is no compulsion that everyone should attend it. With the quantity of divorces on the rise and the domestic crime graph touching zenith, the belief in this institution is slowly thinning. Further, the trend of live-in relationship is also on the rise which is slowly making the paper called marriage certificate, obsolete. Continue reading


My ovation

the ovation comes for the people

whom we see and recognise

but there are umpteen unknown faces

who deserve this esteemed prize

the overlooked people behind scenes

the unnoticed technicians off screens

the ignored workers in the group

the unsung soldiers in the troop

the unnoted participants in a contest

the tireless attendees in a protest

unknown respondents of the survey

the companions on your pathway

for we are because they are

their selfless nature towards work

their magnanimous hard work

their dedicated efforts towards goal

their navigation and controls

it is high time we recognise them

it is high time we suprise them



The maddening rush

Oh my God ! This maddening rush

everyone is gushing to attain

the run for money, the run for power

the run for everything mundane

The run for glory, the run for fame

the run for name and proclaim

the exasperating state of mind

the infuriating sort of deeds

the frustrating routine of affairs

the excruciating pain of needs

the humans no longer talk

the humans no longer care

the humans no longer adjust

the humans no longer share!