life’s biggest fraud

I wish I could effortlessly amble

in the borders of Pakistan and India

I wish I could stay and wander

in the cool borders of China and India

I could just take a stroll

in the lanes of present Afghanistan

I wish I could express myself

in the current Korean governance

Why is this so very difficult

in this beautiful human abode

why is this human freeway

became the most dreadful road

do we want our species extinct

with such most disastrous imprint

or are we mistaking self to God

and committing life’s biggest fraud


be pink-ed

they say that the colour of perfection is pink

let the pink tears dry, let the pink eyes wink

let the pink bodies get their perfect destination

let the pink feelings be colourful as their creation

let the pink colour triumph if it is an attitude

such personality trait always need to be pursued

pink makes the world a happier place to live in

it forces all the grey shades around to give in

pink is for tenderness, pink is for romance

let us give pink a fair and deserving chance


WordPress forum

have you met an avid reader?

the one who likes your writings

one who comments thereafter

the one record the sightings

WordPress is full of wisdom

it takes away the boredom

the posts are broad and diverse

lots of learning in every verse

once you enter this literary world

you can’t thwart any single word

people here become mostly avid learners

some are contributors some are earners

knowledge sharing always continues here

with followers ballooning every year

I am too privileged to be part of it

flying high with intellectual spirit


my love for you

My love for you is a reliable affair

please don’t mistake it with a spike

the more you stifle my affection

the greater I aspire to like

you may possess an able spike buster

or a specialised obsession adjuster

to suppress the transient emotions

to assassinate the infant infatuations

but my love will surpass them all

an avalanche that ruptures the wall

like gold that shines brighter in fire

like a calm heart with burning desire


unravel me

nothing appears more beautiful to me

once I get entrapped and bemused

 in your mesmerizing beauty

nothing appears more musical to me

once I get lost hearing

your sweet and charming voice

nothing appears more sweeter to me

once I explore and get soaked

in your sweet and adorable character

nothing appears more softer to me

once I feel and get lost

the delicate touch of your hands

it is definitely not my fault

just unravel me and you’ll find

all my cells oriented towards you

all my tissues directed towards you

all my genes intended towards you


test of trustworthiness

misunderstandings are like polluted air

they enter your body without you realizing it

you make the opinions in all possible ways

your counterpart may not be even aware of it

wrong impressions have always the upper hand

as they entice the mind with sheer effortlessness

though the world is full of a lot righteous people

it is awfully difficult for them to earn trustworthiness

it is prudent to better be safe than to be sorry

but trepidation alone should not cause worry

the negative vibes are so abundant in this world

positive ones could never maintain their existence

that is the real cause of hatred and abhorrence

as all humans are acknowledged with fraudulence

just stretch and make your narrow mindset bit broad

trust each other as all are created by the same God

if we too start travelling in the same train and give in

how will we make this world a better place to live in


be merciful

more I try to decipher you

the more I get entangled

your silence is disconcerting

your words are confounding

your Pauses are perplexing

your nuances are deceptive

your undertones are obscure

you don’t disperse the clouds away

you don’t ever clear the haze

the more I try to find my way

the more I cede to your maze

shall I learn the telepathy

or shall I use a mind reader

I can’t remain a helpless guy

be little merciful O my dear!