embrace me

I am no orthodox snail male

I am a modern day e-male

I won’t leave a trace behind

for you to follow and find

my path to success is clear

I don’t panic, I don’t fear

no malpractice, no shortcuts

no pedantic ifs, no fussy buts

if you really like my way

join me anytime any day

but don’t just try to trace me

walk with me, embrace me


detonate in me!

O my beautiful stranger, dear!

are you suffering from Hi! fever

are you scared of telling Hello world

as you don’t respond to my words

the symptoms are all well examined

please undergo few tests to confirm it

don’t worry if the old memories last

the ‘ex ray’ will visibly reveal the past

please examine my earnest plea

we need to meet for a cup of tea

please get ready for a ‘See Tea’ scan

that will be the main friendship plan

hold my arms my dear ammunition!

detonate in me, complete the mission


the divine flame

it is my life and I desire to live it my way

where enemies of love will have no say

my heart should never get pillaged of it

to the Almighty I always wish and pray

and my love does have those dimensions

that makes it the most controversial entity

for her it is hotter than lava from volcano

and that pushes me higher to my extremity

I embellish my love with all fantasy notions

that keeps healthier all my cuddly emotions

and let the divine flame ignited in all seasons

without any pretences, without any reasons

yet the heat of passion never chars the soul

but my love is not a sin and I do conceive

the world may still accuse me of deception

but me no sinner won’t plead for reprieve


amazing maze

and as I looked into your eyes

I lost in the maze of surprise

I tried to come out of their magic

but the depth seemed to be tragic

I drowned and reached the retina

to come out I collected my stamina

but I drowned and reached the blood cells

as I kept listening the never ending bells

then I entered the great chromosomes

tried hard to overcome the syndromes

and then I came across the nano fibres

the maze became the web of spiders

and then reached the constituent atom

I never imagined such a deep bottom

then I entered the world of electrons

and then to the protons and neutrons

I finally landed up to the quarks

and I started getting cosmic sparks

are these the eyes I always wanted to drown

never imagined such amazing touchdown


be pink-ed

they say that the colour of perfection is pink

let the pink tears dry, let the pink eyes wink

let the pink bodies get their perfect destination

let the pink feelings be colourful as their creation

let the pink colour triumph if it is an attitude

such personality trait always need to be pursued

pink makes the world a happier place to live in

it forces all the grey shades around to give in

pink is for tenderness, pink is for romance

let us give pink a fair and deserving chance


bitter is not bad

though patience is bitter, the fruits are sweet

if we hang on to it, we get an awesome treat

the love also they say is nothing less than a pill

pay with bitter tears against your wish and will

hard times are the ones that try to make us bitter

it is up to us to be compassionate or a quitter

truth also appears to be bitter most of the times

and sweet lies are the root cause of all crimes

if lessons we take from life are relatively bitter

the associated successes are comparably greater

truly, in our life, getting the bitter is not always bad

unless we keep running behind sweetness like mad


my dream part two

she looked like an angel on the earth

each part of her body showing its worth

there were people dying to talk to her

but she called only me with a whisper

she held my hands and took to her lips

as I slowly placed my hands on her hips

alarm bell rang and I woke up frustrated

this is the definitive end I always hated

why needles of my watch always stops here

why she always remains far falsifying near

but this time I am not going to leave here

God! I want to make my point very clear

and shall I put my request in a better way

only you can give me what I always pray

God! I want to continue same dream today

please let the part two of my dream play


my digital wish

she is so far yet appears so near with her sheen

her words emerge from nowhere on my screen

and I feel the togetherness so close and profound

as if she is talking to me somewhere around

my words are readily converted to digital form

but will they be able to convert the feelings

O the great researchers of digital technology!

I desire to propose my need with a prior apology

please device a way to convert me into data packets

so I get transmitted in electronic form over gadgets

and I immediately reach to the tower near her

and then to the special modem for transfer

which would convert the data packets into real

and present me right in front of her to feel

this all will start with the fundamental essence

let her heartily accept the request for my presence

there will be no visa, no passport, no regulations

no railway tracks, no motorways, no tube stations

no traffic snarls, no burning of fuel, no tension

just enjoying fruits of this beautiful invention

everything will just change with this extra mile

we all will enjoy universe most healthy lifestyle


O dear money!

people can cross mountains and oceans for you

people can be waking whole night and day for you

people fight for you, people laugh and cry for you

people breathe you, people lose control for you

there are people who kill their loved ones for you

there are people who do daily office circus for you

more they get, the more they are attracted to you

you are in their minds, hearts and their dreams too

you are one language people speak all over the world

you make an animal out of any human across the world

you are the most essential thing in this pompous world

you are the sole reason for the unrest in this world

people love you more than their caring spouses

many love more than their parents and bosses

you are the one who creates troubles across the globe

you buy language, religion and even a country’s hope

you can buy peace you can buy the justice

you can buy fame you can buy the prestige

you are omnipresent, you are omnipotent

O dear money! you are the God at present!


situation vacant

I am just an apprentice, would someone like to train

I have just a nascent heart, and I do have a brain

can the masters offer me some courses on the love

I shall put all my efforts working hand in glove

courses can be classroom lectures to understand theory

or they can be true incidents or some romantic story

the masters can decide their take on the practical classes

the course can be custom-made, not for ordinary masses

they can also think of sending me for a tour

so that the blossomed love can turn bit mature

they can aslo insist on individual project work

I will be happy to explore all my network

finally I want to score a distinction in the exams

the answers will be full of flowcharts and diagrams

if someone is eligible for this Himalayan mission

apply within ten days from the date of publication