I am hopeful…

I am optimistic and hopeful

for the serenity across the globe

I am confident and wishful

for the tranquillity in the globe

for the food to every mouth

for the home to the destitutes

for the school to every kid

for the solution to all disputes

I am hopeful and sanguine

for the men to be more gentle

for being a bit mellow

for being bit sentimental

I am hopeful and ecstatic

for a colony on the mars

for a birth in the venus

for a feast in the stars

I am hopeful and positive

that I can keep hoping

and there shall be no end for hope

and there be no stoping

as I am hopeful

so I am alive

as the desires never end

and only the hopes survive



Don’t mope around

every second of life is precious

every minute comes with an aim

every hour comes with an agenda

every day comes with a claim

we can’t afford to remain idle

we can’t prefer to mope around

we can’t think of wasting time

we can’t choose to be unsound

time keeps on flying fast

absolutely no time to hold

yesterday we were a small kid

tomorrow we shall be old

let’s plan something ingenious

let’s aim something great

as we may wait for right time

but time will never wait



The renewal request

Oh dear Almighty!

Please accept the renewal request

for all my rich childhood memories

for the infantile ignorant stories

for the innocent and carefree living

for the joy and pleasure of giving

for the belief and trust on everyone

for small promises and battles won

for that school and the classmates

for all the valuable elderly mandates

for the dolls and the board games

for the failures and the blames

for all anticipated abuses hurled

for that small beautiful magical world



the pillage of emotions

the merciless pillage of emotions

with the allurement of expression

with promises of companionship

with the leverage of impression

those unexpected false commitments

those buried concealed resentments

the insane belief at its pinnacle

the character unpredictable

why is the heart so vulnerable

why is the life so miserable

why the true love an illusion

why it always ends in seclusion

are those pillagers not guilty

for their act of treason so filthy



My ovation

the ovation comes for the people

whom we see and recognise

but there are umpteen unknown faces

who deserve this esteemed prize

the overlooked people behind scenes

the unnoticed technicians off screens

the ignored workers in the group

the unsung soldiers in the troop

the unnoted participants in a contest

the tireless attendees in a protest

unknown respondents of the survey

the companions on your pathway

for we are because they are

their selfless nature towards work

their magnanimous hard work

their dedicated efforts towards goal

their navigation and controls

it is high time we recognise them

it is high time we suprise them



the festive season

when the mood is good

when the mind is calm

when the heart is cool

the season is festive

when the aims are met

when the claims are set

when the dreams realized

the season is festive

when the people are happy

when the ambience is joyous

when the wishes are fulfilled

the season is festive

when the community is affluent

when the nation is healthy

when the mankind is prosperous

the season is festive !