Men-the weaker sex

I was reading on internet about various instances where a husband has given divorce to his wife just by pronouncing ‘Talaq’. And with the advent of new technology in our daily lives, the deliverance of this type of divorce also has automatically been upgraded to match the latest trends.

So, now it is the video call, the WhatsApp, the Facebook and all such tech friendly social media which is being exploited by the dominant men to show women their place! The big question is why the mindsets are not upgraded?

I always wonder, if leave the religious binding, how exactly it works? I tried telling my wife, ‘Shut up’, Shut up’, ‘Shut up’, three times, still there was not much appreciable effect. However I have noticed that when the same is from her side, even for just one time, the effect is perceptible. This is attributed immediately to woman dominating in the family. So, is there anything wrong in that?

Men literally have no moral, social and technical right to dominate in a family. The only fact that they have a different biological structure that makes them less susceptible to physical abuse and harm is being taken as the license to declare themselves superior.

The greater part of the society still follows that orthodox unethical logic and resists the change. But the real fact is that, if the social security is guaranteed, there is absolutely no need for women to be dependent on men but the vice-versa is not true. That makes men the weaker sex.

How many single fathers are successful? If we see the data, due to natural and social causes, more women were forced to stay single despite having the responsibility of raising their kids. Men immediately jump to the next boat of marriage which they do get easily, thanks to the biological and social reasons. That again proves men the weaker sex.

Most of the men are born to women (except those who indulge in rape and killings of women) and when they are young, they understand the power of a woman. They are purely dependent on their mother and respect women till the testosterone levels rise, social influences dominate and mould them into the absurd personality of a man. That is the real sign of a weaker sex.

How many men know how to change the diapers of the babies? How to bottle feed them? What is their immunization schedule? When to start the solid food? And above all how much time do men spend with their infants though being the best phase of a man’s life?

Few of my uncles have never held their kids on their lap? They limit themselves to asking the questions, where is the kid? What is she or he doing? Is everything fine? That’s it! They have never sat with their kids for talking with them, playing with them, making a project or making them do their homework.

These men think, their job is only to earn money and that is the reason why they are the head of the family. They think that they run the family and without them everything will come to a standstill. How can one call such men as fathers? They don’t understand that this limits them to mere sponsors or in most case, the ‘sperm donator’.

So, if a man gets a civilian job that requires him to stay away from family frequently or for long then better to take up farming instead. Those who feel that being busy in meetings, staying late night in office for earning money is fetching comfort to their family members and helping them leading an extravagant life, it is totally wrong. There are many things money can’t replace and one of them is togetherness. It is always the ‘family first’.

Marriage is a deemed institution with no one as the principal. Husband and wife are the faculty members and other relatives, the supporting staff. Parents raise the kids imparting the education that no external school can. I am still not able to understand how it can be closed by just a voice or a video call or a message?

Disclaimer: The views expressed are author’s personal views and are not intended to hurt the religious or social sentiments of people.

father’s angel

She waits for him checking her biological clock

she has her infant plans that they together unlock

She had her eyes on the door lying on her cozy bed

few tiny drops of pearl that she will sometimes shed

unaware of worldy pleasures, selfishness and greed

her innocent heart and curious eyes can quickly read

those moments of wait makes her intermitently sad

she is the newborn daughter of a proud loving dad

for her the whole world starts and ends with her dad

she is crazy for her father and her father too is glad

she is ready to hide in his arms nest like a little bird

no wonder daughters are the best gift of this world


WordPress confession

now that the WordPress has given us a chance

let us revisit blogging here with a quick glance

let us confess all that we always wanted to

prompt confession is what you should now do

confess that you hit like button without reading

confess that you always had the jealousy breeding

confess that you read comments from others page

confess that you always pretended to be under age

confess that you always favoured opposite gender

confess that you always wished to fill up the calendar

confess that you woke up early to check notifications

confess that you tried to research on others locations

confess that other’s list of followers always irked you

confess that nominations for awards often jerked you

confess that you have ganged up to make your group

confess that conversations have landed you in a soup

if no one reads it then it is not really a confession

it is an unshared secret waiting for an expression


the state of dilemma

and still I am in the clutches of dilemma

whether she likes me or she likes me not

the petals from flowers are exhausted

and all my guessing mechanisms are lost

may be its because of absence of choices

of the concievable contradictory inner voices

for I believe on what I was required to know

or I believe what my innerself tends to throw

wonder if I am part of problem or the solution 

or falsehood was foundation of our resolution

now I stand tornbetween devil and the deep sea

between the predicted fate and the actual me

so I request you to do me very small favour

just clear the dense fog and be my lifesaver


literary toast

who says that miracles do not happen

they are the optimists’ only weapon

thousands of followers are not miracle

the comments they write are magical

likes they deliver here is miraculous

though the processess are scandalous

life is having no legs but scandals fly

the posts are scrolled just to pacify

words crave to come to centrestage

to be the centre of attraction of gaze

and then enter deep inside the heart

to turn into emotions that never part

and that is the real aspiration of a post

to be the artistic butter of literary toast


the reward

where did all the words suddenly go

I can relate your reply in just yes or no

we had a big array of thoughts bartered

the endless strings of words exchanged

the impressions on keyboard vanished

the mouth dried, the tongue desiccated

the nights over brimming with radiance

the time running fast to its brilliance

and then suddenly there was this thud

feelings battered, the dreams shattered

only to find myself all alone, crestfallen

the heart obliterated, the eyes swollen

now I wonder in a state of painfulness

is this the reward for my responsiveness


mysterious silence

your mysterious silence is killing me

your continuous absence is grilling me

how can you forget all our conversations

the literary temptations, the hesitations

your curious heart and untamed soul

your frequent visits your casual stroll

now your callousness is giving no clue

it is the same me and it is the same you

but I can sense an unprecedented change

your ways of response too are strange

is the friendship only for the benefits

expecting no profits whether it splits

if that is the case, we need to reconsider

so that mutual respect doesn’t turn bitter

and we stay happy in our own cocoons

and let the friendship end up in fumes


cloud of memories

the clouds of your memories are inside my mind

whenever I wish I close my eyes to relish, rewind

 my heart is painted with your true colour marker

and when I crave for you this cloud gets even darker

then the gloom lets it pour down with full vigour

the heart is satiated surpassing the emotional rigour

the way is paved again for clear sky with expectation

but heat of fondness evaporates the determination

and the cloud starts taking the shape in the streams

it gleefully gives birth to the ray of sunshine dreams

those dreams never let cloud of memories disappear

how can a lovable heart remain so hollow and meager

the memories are jewels of the heart that may survive

and they are our traditional testimony of being alive


the inheritance

we are born fortunately human

we inherit blood and the genes

if at all the wisdom is inherited

goodness will be in the routines

as we can’t live merely on heritance 

our deeds on earth define the nobility

the destiny shows its sense of humour

the wrongdoings tarnish the credibility

let us spread our love everywhere

as love alters the laws of inheritance

love can transform the foes into friends

love makes humans realise their existence