the art of pampering

if you pamper your kid on the dining table
 kid will never understand the value of food
 if you pamper your kid while playing next door
 kid will never know the value of neighbourhood
 if you pamper your kid daily on the study table
 kid will never be able to read between the lines
 if you pamper the kid by giving whatever he want
 kid will never understand the meaning of necessity
 if you pamper the kid by accompanying him always
 the kid will never know how to move the next step
 if you pamper the kid by agreeing to whatever he says
 the kid will never understand the pain of denial
 but still you need to pamper the kid at many occasion
 pamper the kid when he loses in school competition
 pamper him to be disciplined, to respect opposite gender
 pamper him to accept defeat, to develop sportsman spirit
 pamper at the right time, right place and in a right way

the situation

millions and millions of money wasted

in providing basic need to the citizens

but do they even get a minuscule crumb

leaving the population practically dumb

the health is the most sick department

the sports ministry is effectively lame

the education dept can’t read the needs

women welfare section brings us shame

agriculture has become a barren field

the tourism is wandering elsewhere

water resources have already run dry

and the railways just don’t care

labour dept is no longer laborious

power ministry is too deep dark

no one really cares for the poor

the politicians have turned shark


glorious past

Why we keep boasting of our glorious past?

our religious tolerance, our cultural heritage

our developed society, our booming economy

our diversity, our history, our spiritual heritage

we keep cursing the present and sit in a corner idle

we imprecate the current and stay irresponsible

we blaspheme out loud but do not perform or act

we condemn all around and stay most insensible

what we are is what is seen to the whole of world

no one can steal from us and even we can’t borrow

so why can’t we build ourselves a beautiful today

why can’t we stand and make a splendid tomorrow?


magic of yesteryears

let’s recreate the magic of yesteryears

where there was hope but no fears

where people were not mad for blood

where care flowed in form of flood

let’s recreate the magic of yesteryears

when life was bit slow with less gears

humans weren’t confined between the walls

when there were no multiplexes, no malls

where the parents spent time with the child

the community was not aggressive and wild

when being social was not limited to sites

when physical activities soared new heights

where everyone used to do their own work

when life was not limited to digital network

let’s recreate the magic of yesteryears

Oh those beautiful years, three cheers!


The slave of a liquid

From past many days it was raining almost the entire day and when it was not, the clouds posed the fear of precipitation any time. Like most of the so-called advanced cities, out city too had the problem of water-logging during rains making it almost impossible to commute. Last Saturday too, it continued pouring in different capacity washing out the weekend. Continue reading


freedom from tethers

they say that the humans are born free

and that should be the much revered key

but they end up first in the gender bias

then there is nationality divide with us

the humans are also divided by the caste

even the rift of colour and complexion last

once born human is tagged with a religion

and then forcefully confined to a region

human also grow up with fiscal disparity

then get affected with mental polarity

and the humans keep getting enslaved

innocence bestowed doesn’t get saved

if we wish to live life with all pleasures

ensure freedom from all such tethers


Should a working woman marry?


Though the question appears bit unorthodox, looking at the current socio-economic environment, its relevance cannot be undermined. Though marriage is an institution, there is no compulsion that everyone should attend it. With the quantity of divorces on the rise and the domestic crime graph touching zenith, the belief in this institution is slowly thinning. Further, the trend of live-in relationship is also on the rise which is slowly making the paper called marriage certificate, obsolete. Continue reading