Respect for everyone


In a sea there lived a small fish family. In the family, there was a baby fish called Finny. Finny always wished to go out of the house to meet other creatures in the sea.

She had heard from her mother that the sea world is very beautiful. There are thousands of varieties of creatures inside the sea.

One day she asked her mother, ‘Mom, Can I go out for a while? I shall return back very soon.’

Mother scolded her, ‘No Finny! The outside world is very dangerous. You are still a small fish. There are many big fishes and dangerous creatures around. They may catch you and eat. I can’t let you go outside.’

But Finny was in no mood to listen.

‘Oh! My mother always tells me the same excuses. Today I am not going to stop.’

When Finny saw her mother busy, she jumped out of the house and started swimming around. She realized that the world inside the sea was really very attractive.

On the way, she saw a strange creature.

‘Oh my God! What is this?’ She whispered.

The creature had a round head and plenty of arms around.

‘Who are you?’ Finny asked.

‘Hi! My name is Octy. I am Octopus. I have eight arms. These arms help me in my routines and missions.’

‘But I have none. You look so ugly with those arms. See, I am so beautiful. I can fulfill all my needs even without those arms’, Finny remarked with pride.

Octy smiled. Finny started proceeding further. On the way, she saw a beautiful glass chamber. She entered inside.

As soon as she entered, the glass door got closed automatically. She started shouting for help but for no vain. She found herself helpless. She remembered her mother’s words. But it was too late. She started crying.

Suddenly, she saw a hand opening the glass door. She rushed outside.

‘Oh Octy! Thanks for the help.’ Finny pleaded with remorse.

‘You are welcome Finny. You should thank my arms. No other aqua creature can open this glass chamber. It is kept here to catch fishes.’

Finny felt apologetic. ‘I am sorry Octy. I take back my words.’

‘It is OK Finny. But remember, God had created all of us differently with a purpose. We should respect everyone’s personality and traits. Now you go to your home. Your mother must be waiting’.

‘Yes! I should’.

And Finny rushed back to her house with a meaningful lesson.