my passport

how do I enter in the realm of your heart

as I wish to reside there and never depart

do I need to go through the formalities

to rule away all the possible abnormalities

so if education is the passport I have one

if character is the Passport I am done

if trustworthiness is the key I possess it

and if genuineness is vital I confess it

my personality is the biggest dossier

that may dispose off all the uncertainity

and force open the door of your heart

to let me in and stay there till eternity


give me a chance

I will keep trying to establish my innocence

though you may not entertain my plea

I will keep asking for your divine intervention

though you may ignore me and disagree

Life is too short to endure the imperfections

being too conscientious is also quite fine

as the world is full of horrendous opportunists

and you have all the rights to question mine

though you cannot unanimously deny the fact

that Fortune has brought us together to interact

just shred off all your apprehensions and speak

as your unjust ignorance makes me mentally weak

all the humans in this esthetic world are not fake

you may try giving a chance for humanity sake

and I promise I will come out with flying colours

together we can win the world and do wonders


God’s own laboratory

God was into deep brainstorming

with human breed nonconforming

to the very fundamentals He had laid

for them to live in this planet God-made

He had made the humans free

but they got immersed in social sea

started building infinite walls all around

with the caste, creed, the religious ground

each human confined in own Territory

the nations holding a different category

the newborns unaware of this big divide

where had they born where they died

they say the map is not the territory

the earth is God’s own laboratory


the lyrical elixir

the alphabets may not get aligned at first

the words may not attune to perfection

the lines may not render the meanining

verses may not find the ultimate direction

but never let the poet in you ever die

never let your feelings stay quiet

shred off all your apprehensions 

just start to write, write and write

with emotions trapped in the words 

and try to live up to the expectation

get immersed in the lyrical Elixir

and attain desired literary salvation


the primitive privelage

the poetic literary rhytmic vibes of mine

emerge daily from the bottom of my heart

and spread decently and quietly all around  

to tell the world about my partial ripen art

the writings are stress and tension free

like a decent drink to quench the thirst

they may not be outstanding like others

but are at least bit better than the worst

so its alright if my writings do not match

or not leave an extraordinary Purple patch

it is my own way of relieving my poetic soul

this primitive privilege no one should snatch

via Daily Prompt: Purple


symbiosis of its kind

with lots of mental energy and fervour

I take up the WP challenges everyday

I lift up my thought process to its peak

and slide down with the words in array

accordingly I always earn a decent score

but site visits are less, the likes are more

I genuinely ponder if visitors read the piece

or it is just an arbitrary action to appease

comments to the post are sometimes strange

wonder accordingly if content should change

some visitors visit for their hunger to learn

some pay visit to do the favour in return

is this the culture of an intellectual mind 

or is it the literary Symbiosis of its own kind


meaning to my life

The day I don’t see her

the life appears meaningless

the flowers don’t excite me

relaxation gives me stress

moonlight incinerate my body

the music deafen my ears

the water appears to me dried

the pleasure brings me tears

the text messages tease me a lot

the phone calls irritate me to core

the cool breeze burns my skin

the heart keeps craving for more

my body and soul become helpless

unable to end the incessant strife

your absence is just cataclysmic 

as you give meaning to my life

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless