Extrapolation and interpolation

These words appear to be too mathematical but almost all of us use these in our day to day activities. Some do it with an expertise and some without even knowing that they do! At first it may appear fallacious but it is up to you to decide whether I am true or not.

Wives are generally too intelligent (to handle). Most of the wives spend their mind and energy to keep tracking their husband’s activities. You can’t dodge them. You tell them two lines and they will convert it into a complete story. They read between the lines very well and many of them even beyond. Their power of interpolation and extrapolation is quite immense.

If you don’t believe, just tell your wife that you will be late today. “Is there a meeting?”,”Are you going somewhere?”,”Is there a client coming?”, “Is she male or female?”, “Will it last till dinner time?”, “Will you have dinner and come?”,” Will your client too will join for the dinner?”,”Generally you don’t arrive late then why today?”,”Is there something wrong?’…and the list is endless. Is this not the power of extrapolation?

If you say that you would be taking dinner late today as you feel your stomach is full. Just see the power of interpolation. “That means you had something extra in the evening with your tea.” or “Looks as if you had a heavy lunch today. Was there a party?”

Probably the men too are responsible for sharpening the skills of women as far as the interpolation and extrapolation is concerned. They do not tell things in black and white. They leave the sentences loose ended so that anything can fit on them.

Have you ever noticed the effect of your text message? You might have written just five lines but your counterpart may read so many lines in between so as to make it appear worth fifty lines. This is nothing but linguistic interpolation which we master even without knowing it.

When someone gets admitted to hospital because of old age, people immediately extrapolate his or her remaining days. The same is true for healing too.  When you watch a cricket match and get the score in between, you immediately extrapolate and set the target. The trading brokers do, the planners do, and even the politicians do. Politicians actually find means to debate by interpolating the meaning behind the statements and also extrapolating, if required. No one would have ever heard of the words or studied as per t of their curriculum but they possess the power of interpolation and extrapolation.

And last but not the least. Have you ever killed a disturbing mosquito? It comes near to your ears in the night and hums a warning music before putting its straw into your skin and enjoying your blood. They are agile. And if you have decided to kill that troubling creature, you need to observe the pattern in which it flies and then extrapolate its position to swat it. The palms are the safest bet as you can hear the clap too for your mission possible.

So, how good are you at interpolation or extrapolation?

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