one gray hair

my friend asked me to watch alone

the biggest horror movie of all times

I enjoyed the movie with subtle ease

like a kid watches the nursery rhymes

he asked me to ride a roller coaster

so that he can hear my cries loud

but I enjoyed it like a baby swing

and sat on it like a bed on the cloud

he then asked me to eat the chillies

but that couldn’t make me scream

Wi-Fi blocking, the hiding phone

the cockroaches, the itching cream

but one day he heard me yelling loud

he came running to find the reason

I showed a gray hair from my head

which can force to yell, any human


62 thoughts on “one gray hair

  1. I too have one gray strand of hair on my head and i have decided that once I grow older and my hairs get gray I won’t color them. There’s a grace in keeping it original
    Or maybe I am just wierd person .. Lol

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  2. Hahaa….koi baal par bhi likh sakta hai soccha nahi thaa…lol..You have a very creative mind!
    Well Hifive I too have a gray hair and so don’t dye it for it is supposed to be lucky..

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