New year Resolutions


As New Year arrives people tend to adopt many resolutions and try to follow them. The number of resolutions may vary. Some feel they are too perfect to make any resolutions, some do not believe in waiting for a new year to make resolutions. Some make a single resolution and see that they follow it throughout the year and also thereafter. Some have a list of resolutions which they try to attempt and succeed in few or all of them.  Some make a resolution not to make any resolutions.

I also made only one resolution this New Year and that was to make a list of resolutions for my son. And when my son asked the count, I told that they are only few and remaining to follow the next year. Here is the list handed over to him. Some are too specific but some are generic in nature. I wish if he follows any 10 of them, it will be a Happy New Year!

  1. I will not tell lies
  2. I will not use electronic gadgets for more than one hour daily
  3. I will not watch television while eating food
  4. I will not hide anything from my parents
  5. I will not eat junk food
  6. I will not waste money on things which I don’t need
  7. I will not trust the strangers
  8. I will not indulge in bad habits
  9. I will not say unpleasant words to anyone
  10. I will not play around with Rubik’s cube all the time
  11. I will not attempt learning to ride a bike
  12. I will not get disheartened by the failures
  13. I will develop a value system for myself
  14. I will learn plantation
  15. I will always be attentive to any call
  16. I will not resist any type of change
  17. I will press my mother’s legs down for half an hour daily
  18. I will talk to my grandparents at least once in a week
  19. I will participate and excel in extracurricular activities
  20. I will raise my general awareness levels
  21. I will develop a habit of saving money
  22. I will eat everything prepared for lunch or dinner
  23. I will prepare shopping list and help in arranging the items
  24. I will help my mother in her daily chores
  25. I will not fall prey to mobile games
  26. I will go to bed early
  27. I will get up early for school
  28. I will take bath regularly
  29. I will close the cap of tooth paste after brushing
  30. I will obey my parents
  31. I will come home after playing in time
  32. I will complete my school diary daily
  33. I will revise the studies after coming from school
  34. I will clean my room daily
  35. I will keep my belongings in their designated place
  36. I will do some creative activity daily
  37. I will perform my prayers to Almighty daily
  38. I will arrange my uniform and school bag daily after coming from school
  39. I will finish my Tiffin at school daily
  40. I will play outdoor for at least half an hour daily
  41. I will not throw garbage here and there
  42. I will keep my words and promises
  43. I will develop a hobby
  44. I will keep my hairs and nails trim
  45. I will communicate over phone properly
  46. I will exchange pleasantries
  47. I will respond to the calls/requests positively
  48. I will ride my cycle at least thrice in a week
  49. I will avoid drinking water during food
  50. I will study for one and half hours every day during schooldays

4 thoughts on “New year Resolutions

  1. So realistic and unrealistic…lol
    Point 19…participation is must but how can one guarantee excellence…I wonder
    Point 6 is unattainable…children are meant to hold demands…I doubt it again


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