my glass heart

and my heart shattered into pieces

little did you realise its properties

I always opened up my heart for you

and you kept digging its novelties

yes, my heart is made up of glass

so that it remains transparent

so that it shows its truthfulness

without fear of any undercurrent

and yes it is highly opaque too

so that it doesn’t pass negativity in

and retains its innocence and warmth

and doesn’t allow crooks to peep in

yes, my heart is made up of glass

so that it can show its refractive trait

by changing the direction of emotions

and segregate the love from hate

it can polarise the thoughts and feel

which may help the deep injury heal

it can filter malice and retain affection

through its total internal reflection


25 thoughts on “my glass heart

  1. Oh my God who is that devil that broke this glass heart…hahaha…Tell me Sir…I am coming to kill that person…..I will also get the welder along to join the broken pieces…

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  2. The way you see your heart is beautiful !!
    I was reading like a keen kid
    Till I read the last line of TIR
    And it reminded me of physics
    And the concept behind cables
    And the much asked board exams of quoting examples of TIR and it’s phenomenon which made me smile
    Good post

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