Should we help others?

This straightforward question started troubling my mind when I encountered a situation which is quite common for all.

Recently I had to go to the railway station to pick up my wife as my happy days as forced bachelor were coming to an end with the arrival of my wife from her mother’s place. She always insisted on me picking her up from the station. Possibly she wanted to read my expressions on encountering her after a lull. But I am doubly sure even if the expectations on the expressions were not up to the mark she is not going to catch a return train back home in any case? Continue reading


the unreal world

this pretty world is full of ultimate disparities

someone is so rich and someone destitute

Someone is academician, someone illiterate

someone is Godman, someone is prostitute

someone is hale and healthy, someone sick

someone can see the world, someone blind

someone so pretty and someone grotesque

someone so ruthless and someone so kind

if we carry out a sting operation on them

we will find most of them are fraudsters

all the rich always stick to unfair means

and the Godmen are all great impostors

the helping hands are bloodstained

the protectors are the real attackers

humankind has evaporated from earth

the friends too are the backstabbers

nothing in this world is practically real

people are just living to die one day

still they don’t understand the fact

that only humanity is here to stay


live and let live

I need to get redefined

the interior walls of my mind

I need to get cleaned up

the garbage that has piled up

that unanimously makes

its own one sided decisions

and never put up those

for any amendment or revisions

is this the evolution of man

where we don’t care for our clan

and get carried away by preachers

who are earth’s worst creatures

they sow the seed of hatred in us

and reap the bitter harvest, thus

I want my mind to be warmhearted

and get some innocence imparted

to live in peace and die in serenity

and be the proud face of humanity