the real scent

blame it to my olfactory nerve

or to the allergy from the stink

I wandered to check for the scent

which can attract me as I think

the smell from roses was great

but it could not end my final wait

the fragrance of jasmine was rousing

but it could not leave me ever drowsing

the aroma of petrol was intoxicating

but it could not attain the desired rating

the odour of coffee and vanilla was stirring

but it could not set my heart pouring

the incense from new books was invigorating

but it could not leave my soul pulsating

Finally I landed back to my home turf

with lots of places to explore and surf

the first rain hit the soil of my motherland

its stimulating smell saturated my sensory glands



uniform education code


A school is a place where kids learn the etiquette, the discipline, the manners, the obedience and other social habits. That may be the reason why parents search for a good school for their kids. But how does one define a good school?

  • Is a good school the one that drills a big hole into your pocket?
  • Is a good school the one that has a bigger infrastructure or the one that is part of the chain of institutions?
  • Is a good school the one that produces good academic results?

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a permanent cure

enough of this heart’s blackmail

I can’t afford it anymore to wail

this heart has definitely gone insane

this heart has certainly lost its brain

why am I always forced to fulfil

its never ending unjustified demands

why am I always punished for listening

its iniquitous unreasonable commands

now I need a replacement for sure

I undeniably need a permanent cure

but not from the heart surgeon or doc

from someone who can walk the talk

one whose heart beats in same rhythm

one whose heart follows same algorithm

the one who can tune to same frequency

the one who can stimulate the piquancy



the yellow world

yellow is for jealousy, yellow for avarice

yellow is for envy, yellow for cowardice

yellow is for mango, yellow is for gold

yellow is for turmeric, yellow for marigold

the colour remains same, the meaning different

different parts of world have a varying reverent

yellow is for glory, yellow for happiness

yellow is for harmony, yellow for soundness

we should not be yellow bellied to fight our way

we should not be yellow dog to have our own day

nature has put yellow lights to create known delays

let us lay our yellow brick road and be careful always



the automated future

life is becoming more mechanised

people want it to be well organised

People avoid the traditional walk

sweating on treadmill is the talk

steps and stairs wait for footfalls

escalators and lifts take the calls

the planes, the trains all automated

the records, the statistics all integrated

the food, the drinks all mechanised

the diagnosis, the surgery, all computerised

the future may bring still more automation

the Almighty will see His different creation

the humans will become the slave of machines

a robotic DNA will be infused in their genes

eating, drinking, exercising, talking all automatic

love, hate, emotions, feeling all enigmatic



the pre-filters

how good it would be, if we had

pre-filters for our mouth and ears

what we speak comes out filtered

to wipe away those word-pricked tears

the filters on ears to avoid the bad

to listen to the words that make us glad

to lessen the noise of high decibels

to live in peace during the festivals

the filter on mouth to speak the good

to spread the words a human being should

to prevent the individuals from spitting the venom

to stop the people from turning speaking demon



keep life simple

the heart is simple, the mind is grave

the thoughts are tangled, emotions are naive

the science is complex, the art is simple 

the chemistry is knotty, the physics is humble

let us keep our life simple

let us live in peace

let the mind be calm but nimble

let us live with ease

why to make the relations complex

why to always remain tense

why to keep the issues complicated

why to lose the sense

life is too short for battles

let’s enjoy it to its best

days will pass and we will repent

why did we remain stressed



the commandants of happy life

The joy of giving and the art of forgiving

lay the ten commandants of happy living

listen only to your heart when in doubt

embrace the silence, relinquish the shout

enjoy the life as the last day of life

spread the happiness, make it rife

learn to forgive develop positive attitude

love with open heart live with gratitude

never hurt anyone physically or mentally

respect every life engage it sentimentally

lead honest life without piling wealth

invest in well being invest in health

accept yourself the way you are, keep the faith

love the humanity and love like a wraith



the root cause analysis

there need not be a calm before the devastation

the extreme actions of creatures may do the job

we have often seen the fury of mother nature

and there is always an unknown force to rob

why are the oceans exhibiting their vehemence

why are the seasons displaying their extremes

why are the winds demonstrating their fierceness

why is this peaceful world filled with screams

the radicalism, the terrorism, the militancy the fanaticism

the fascism the hatred, the intolerance, the fundamentalism

all these extremism is the root cause of the malevolence

nothing will change till we spread around the benevolence



your oversight

I wonder if your oversight is right

when it comes to my shortcomings

when it comes to my mistakes

when it comes to my wrongdoings

as your oversight is the main reason

it imparts a sense of recidivism in me

and provokes to turn more and more fake

and catalyses the  bad character in me

the oversight of anything is not good

be it a dishonest or a truthful act

as eyes and minds are the true watchmen

to keep everyone informed of the real fact