#MeToo or #WhyShe ?

And finally the #MeToo revolution was triggered in our part of the world. Till now we were just following the stories from other parts of the world especially the USA and debating on them. Until one fine day one of the so-called victim stood up and shared her side of the story. The story was soon encapsulated in the searching shell of #MeToo and the much awaited trigger was finally pressed. Though there was not much of hype anticipated in this part of the world as the number of socially proven rape cases daily are far more than the number of #MeToo cases expected. In this part of the world, where every minute a Draupadi is being molested and all the Dhritarashtras and Bhishmas remain passive and mute, what value a #MeToo case can carry? Seeing the plight of women in this part of the world, these victims unanimously agree that #MeToo cases are far too less a molestation for them. That probably may be one of the reasons why #MeToo arrived so late in this part of the world.

On the lighter side (though there is no such side), more than #MeToo it is the surprise that #HeToo carries and that is filling people with enormous energy to debate. People are more interested in the name that are surfacing due to the #MeToo dig. Most of the times it is some or other celebrity. People are keeping their fingers crossed as to #WhoNext?  Victims who never had anyone wooing them also jumped into the fray. No one ever knew them in the past but they became popular in a day just citing #MeToo. Most of the cases might are such that they leave your mouth and eyes wide open yelling #SheToo? Surprisingly, no established person or celebrity is reporting #MeToo.  It is socio-professionally not possible for any female to escape #MeToo in this part of the world. And, logically if a less known person accuses someone of #MeToo then famous people should have definitely undergone #MeeeeToo!

Whether there is legal action or not, the social media and associated action is immense and instant. Companies and corporates are immediately baring or sacking people who are being accused of #MeToo. One has to just come out and speak. Though it is difficult to dig the grave and take out the case that was buried years ago, the #MeToo movement probably can prove to be the best weapon for the people who are facing such harassment currently in their daily life. But it should not be misused because of the ease of putting the case forward even with wicked intentions. The scare in the office corridors, colleges, work places is slowly spreading. It should not get culminated into the great gender divide.

It is true that idle mind or hunger to reach fast to the peak or the submissiveness lead to distraction and most of the #MeToo cases find their origin there.  Boss is just a boss in office for professional job; he can’t demand anything and everything.  Don’t hunt for shortcuts. Don’t indulge in bargains. Quit if it is suffocating. Frankly speaking for me #MeToo is alarming but takes down its roots to the grounds of familiarity and compromise.   What disturbs me more is #WhyShe is always targeted? The women are targeted everywhere, on the roads, inside bus, in the fields, in the car, in the hotel, almost in every place where human exist! And adding insult to the injury is the justice. One year, five years, ten years? Are we making a mockery of women? In which era are we living? Can someone answer me, #WhyShe?


4 thoughts on “#MeToo or #WhyShe ?

  1. Agree that when rape cases are not getting the right treatment do we even qualify to address metoo and as for women why don’t they walk out, I don’t know about entertainment world much but in the corporate world it is there but women, just like men have financial responsibilities too and it’s not easy to get a new job. And even if you don’t give in to the pressure, career growth is exploited, quality and quantity of work and it’s validation is impacted. The frustration of not being successful can’t make a bad boss fire you but if they don’t get to screw you they will screw your career. It is reasonably less damaging but immensely torturous. Not giving in to pressure comes at its own cost in a set up where people gain advantages by indulging in such things. It is difficult to work and difficult to get a new job and impossible to go jobless. In movies still they can grab a new project but how many people do job hopping otherwise and that’s the reason people don’t raise their voice because the culprit will be let go by using power but the victim will be given a red flag and the next employer would be scared to hire a new employee with such reputation considering they too might be falsely exposing themselves to controversy. The prize for pride of a woman is costly and she many a times pays with lesser pay for work and denial of promotions and role expansion. If in office your boss stares at your third button and stops talking what redressal you can get done. Don’t blame the women.

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