a great fall

as she entered the scene, in her lovable costume

the air started flowing slower filled with perfume

lights became dull and dreary as her aura bloomed

all angels bowed to her as their charisma gloomed

she then came direct to me and looked into my eyes

millions stars started twinkling in my brainy skies

she then held both my hands and took them to her face

my body remained with me and heart floated in space

as she bowed down to me to plant a gentle kiss

heavens started countdown for this immortal bliss

as I showed some courage and held her in my arm

I fell down from the bed and woke up to the alarm


A like affair

the site was awfully dull without comments and likes

and I was completely knackered with my literary gauges

then she came with ‘like machine gun’ in her striking hands

and endlessly fired the bullets of likes on all my pages

as I was immersing into the ocean of this affection

many comments popped up swiftly to invite attraction

she made her royal presence in my list of companions

and I started taking this journey in WordPress canyons

so I told her not to like so much else I will fell in love

and as  the paths of love are slippery, I may fall flat

she told you are welcome to fall where ever you want

but the gravity only shall be held responsible for that

if you love me so much then show it in the likes

I am not mad for the drinks or crazy for the bikes

if you have interest, give interest on my investment

return likes on my pages with rate of interest I spent


my intellectual blanket

The poetry is my intellectual blanket

I wrap it always to keep self alive

and then the words start aligning

to assist in this psychological drive

I weave it with all different threads

filling shades of varied emotions

I keep it soft and cushioned enough

to see materialising all my notions

I share it with all my companions

and they do feel the passion

they readily step into my shoes

to share their sheer compassion


roots – a different take

as the vision got bit blurred with spectacles

the doctor asked me to change the number

and that triggered my mathematical brain

which was otherwise lying in the slumber

the newspaper appeared like algebra book

dining table gave me a trigonometric look

the people appeared like factorial sign

all the tress arranged in number line

the air sine waves, the steps square roots

the probability of getting healthy fruits

the statistics of hunger, the dynamics of food

my posture appeared to be geometrically good

my exponential desires, the only binary options

my life was shrouded with mathematical functions

but still the best ones are worth interpretation

please stop differentiation, facilitate integration


one gray hair

my friend asked me to watch alone

the biggest horror movie of all times

I enjoyed the movie with subtle ease

like a kid watches the nursery rhymes

he asked me to ride a roller coaster

so that he can hear my cries loud

but I enjoyed it like a baby swing

and sat on it like a bed on the cloud

he then asked me to eat the chillies

but that couldn’t make me scream

Wi-Fi blocking, the hiding phone

the cockroaches, the itching cream

but one day he heard me yelling loud

he came running to find the reason

I showed a gray hair from my head

which can force to yell, any human


remote controlled human

Dear God! you have created this human

but do we need to work on remote control

anyone comes and presses the buttons

and suitably alters the body and soul

for people who want comedy in life

my personal channel becomes hilarious

and people who love suspense in life

for them my personality turns mysterious

many want zip and thrill in their life

they want me to be bit adventurous

for people who carry negativity along

they want me to be fully treacherous

for people who like pomp and the show

they want me to be dramatic with them

and people who are full of love and lust

they want me to be romantic with them

how can I be so diverse in character?

how can I always have the oomph factor?

as I am not their private TV with a dish

that changes the channels as they wish


WordPress forum

have you met an avid reader?

the one who likes your writings

one who comments thereafter

the one record the sightings

WordPress is full of wisdom

it takes away the boredom

the posts are broad and diverse

lots of learning in every verse

once you enter this literary world

you can’t thwart any single word

people here become mostly avid learners

some are contributors some are earners

knowledge sharing always continues here

with followers ballooning every year

I am too privileged to be part of it

flying high with intellectual spirit