the real shocks

when people have enough material to ease you

and you don’t get provoked, they get the shock

when the people are jealous of your success

you don’t pay heed to them, they get the shock

when people laugh at you when you fell down

but you stand up smiling, they get the shock

when people dig grave and you are trapped

but you don’t lose your cool, they get the shock

when you fail in your endeavors, others joy

and you too join their gang, they get the shock

when there is no one standing to speak truth

you stand up alone resolute, they get the shock

why to blame the electricity for all the shocks

when truth is electrifying and honesty rocks


Oh Beauty

oh beauty, you are so agile

can’t think life without you for a while

your radiance is brightening the vast blue sky

you keep our flag flying high

oh beauty, your air superiority is awesome

you effortlessly make every man’s dream blossom

your smaller size makes the people go crazy

you sheer presence let the atmosphere go hazy

oh beauty, your maneuverability is unmatched

you fulfill all the missions unscratched

your features makes us fall in love again and again

you are the best example of beauty with brain



uneven love

why are these social commitments so tough

why are the existing social norms so rough

why are there no loopholes for us to survive

how can we vent our feelings and stay alive

she accepted the fate and surrendered to it

but it is pretty difficult for me to say I quit

I will keep the candles of my hope lighted

I will keep the emotions and sanity united

we may keep travelling on tracks parallel

whether they meet only time can foretell

her passive response will not let me down

it is not a sin for to fall in love and drown

love is a necessity not a luxury to survive

only where there is love there is life alive


all study no play

I have always studied like an obedient scholar

but none of the subjects had made life simpler

I read chemistry understanding reactions better

but my chemistry never became better with her

I studied physics too much like an avid litterateur

that in no way helped in getting physical with her

I confess I was not a history student in contrary

but that can’t affect badly my background history

though I am glad that my mathematics was bright

but that didn’t help in getting my equations right

statistics too was a cakewalk like bioinformatics

but I never commented on anyone’s vital statistics

my geography looked affected with some syndrome

so I could never find out the location of her home

for me even the economics remained unexplained

that was cause for my pockets remaining drained

I had no clue on the importance of political science

and I could never become a liar under its guiadance

the study of engineering too was out of the race

as i could never really enginner my personal space

therefore I can very well say all study and no play

can become the real cause of a person’s mental decay


our story

your agonies are yours, my sufferings are mine

we have differing mind we have distinct design

your pleasures are yours, my happiness is mine

we have differing souls, we have separate sign

you are a party animal but I am a lonely bird

you remain in your flock but I prefer my herd

you withdraw yourself but I want it on the face

you may be an angel but I am from human race

your lifestyle is different, my lifestyle is discrete

you always want to win but I embrace the defeat

we have different lives, but something is common

that makes two of us bit different from everyone

though my story is mine and your story is yours

let’s carve a fresh story that can be called ours


the undulated feelings

oh, these undulated feelings of my heart

they are confused to start or not to start

at times the heart wants to talk to her

at times the actions appear to be blur

all signals to woo her have gone in vain

she has decided not to knock door again

but my sinusoidal emotions still wait

to get desired affection out of her hate

she senses undulation of the sentiments

but is scared of such social experiments

that forces her to withdraw from the scene

and keep the relationship pious and clean

relationships are not unconditional like love

and the qualitty of character is far far above


our brilliance

brilliant are not those ideas that sparkle innovation

nor are those people who are worthy of celebration

brilliant are not those things that keep us motivated

nor are those stuffs that we often call sophisticated

brilliance is the inherent characteristics of beholder

a pious and honest mind being the only stakeholder

being brilliant is vague if we don’t respect anything

our stubborn and deceitful ego thwart everything

people may overact to exhibit their sheer resilience

but simplicity is the only means to achieve brilliance