Life revisited

Leyla held the blade firmly in her right hand. She slowly placed it on her left wrist with eyes forcibly shut to let the bloody affair go uninterrupted. Suddenly the door opened with a bang.  Susie entered the room with her eyes completely red, hair totally messy and clothes torn from various places. Leyla was perplexed. The blade fell out of her fingers.

‘What happened, Susie? Are you OK?’ a dumbfounded Leyla asked.

Susie threw herself on the sofa, eyes wide open gawking the slow moving ceiling fan, words refusing to come out of her mouth.

‘Hey! Speak something!’ yelled Leyla.

Susie unhurriedly turned her face to Leyla. ‘He ditched me’, she murmured, ‘I have just escaped out of the hell.’ She dropped her face down with anguish and started sobbing.

Leyla was terrorised. Just few hours back Susie was on cloud nine overflowing with her infinite desires. She was ecstatic about her date with Paul. First time they planned to meet in an isolated place where they can really share their feelings for each other, open up and talk, a place where they need not worry about the curious looks of the people around.

Yes, a dream date!

In fact Leyla was a bit of jealous of her advancement in love life as Paul was far more accommodative than Ewian. Had Ewian not turned down her proposal, she also would be enjoying the moments of togetherness like Susie.

After Ewian’s refusal she was so perturbed that she had decided not to continue her life in this world anymore.

What went wrong with Susie then?

Leyla leaned over to Susie, slowly lifted her face upwards with her two fingers on the chin, looked into her overflowing eyes and said, ‘For God’s sake, tell me Susie what has happened?’

Susie looked at Leyla for a while and then collapsed on Leyla’s lap. Her sobbing started getting louder and louder and tears drenching Leyla’s gown with all their wetness and fluidity.

‘Stop crying baby! Tell me. Didn’t you meet Paul? Was everything OK or has Paul misbehaved?’ Leyla asked stoutly.

‘Don’t let that name come out of your mouth’, Susie shouted violently, ‘you know what that dirty fellow has done to me? I wanted to share some private tender moments with him but he made me a public property and had called his predatory friends to share me on my so-called dream date!’

Susie continued to verbalise her trauma. ‘With God’s grace I could survive and reached back in pristine condition else this would have been the last day of my life.’

‘Oh God!’ Leyla uttered in disbelief, ‘but he was deep in love with you, isn’t it?’

‘Love? I feel that scoundrel doesn’t even know the spelling of love. These beasts use girls for their advantage and then throw them to suffer for the rest of their life. I think this is the punishment for me for not going with my parent’s words. Had I listened to them and accepted Peter’s marriage proposal, things would have been different. I am really destroyed. How will I face them now? What will they think?’

A seemingly stunned Leyla imagined the situation twenty five minutes back, when she was about to kill herself because of the rejection from Ewian’s side. These twenty five minutes have not only saved her life but also made her think as to who is more childish, She or Susie? Susie neglected her parent’s advice for her own pleasure and had faced the music for it.

But, what about herself? Why did the rejection from Ewian side bring the end of the world for her?

If Ewian would have said ‘yes’ and did the same what Paul did with Susie, then? Ewian was a real gentleman. He had clearly told that he cannot go against the wishes of his parents and that his parent’s happiness was far more important for him than self pleasure.

That time Ewian appeared to be indecisive, immature, parent dependent person. But now, Susie’s case had changed the entire viewpoint of Leyla. Couple of hours back, she was calling herself ‘Unlucky’ and Susie as ‘Lucky’ but now she felt that she was the most fortunate person on earth. A rejection is far better than an acceptance from a wrong person.

She held Susie firmly and started consoling her with a fresh lease of hope in her eyes.



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