The Mask revolution


The world is fighting against the corona virus and it is no less than a medical emergency worldwide. Our social habits are changing, our life style is changing. All the otherwise officially busy people have been spending their precious time doing nothing during the lockdown. Many came to know how many shelves are there in the kitchen, many have learned how to hold the broomstick or the mop. Many could realize why their maid servant couldn’t get rid of those stubborn stains on the floor The only purpose remained in life is: survival.

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Tailless tailor

Oh my sweet tailor, tailless tailor

you are my sailor, cute cute sailor

I am your trailer, follow back trailer

please do me a favour, selfless favour

chase my neighbour blabbering neighbour

stitch her tongue raider, absolute raider

let the noise taper, completely taper

make her peace maker silence maker

you are my saviour, God sent saviour

Oh my sweet tailor, tailless tailor !