The social sin

Currently the world is passing through a very tragic situation. The only news in the world today is the number of deaths by corona virus. Every day it is a new figure and we keep consoling ourselves with the hope that tomorrow it may reduce. Death of fifty or hundred people daily appears to be normal news for us. Ten people ran over by a train or five people killed in an accident don’t seem to make much impact on us. Have we become so insensitive to the deaths of human beings? Has the life become so cheap? It is not so, else the death of a US national in police custody would not have caused that uproar. That means, it looks like we surrendered to corona virus.

Why the hell, this minuscule corona virus came to our life? How happy the plane earth was a year back! Yes, the planet had local issues but they were all part of socio-political life. This virus has dwarfed every bigger reason of mass destruction. Is this virus a biological warfare which leaked untamed? Are the protocols and the precautions flouted? Could the leakage be arrested? When the requisite precautionary standards are not met, why such research being allowed? Nobody has the right to take such sensitive matter lightly and play with the lives of innocent people. Can any country afford such carelessness with their nuclear reactors or the chemical plants? If at all countries are involved in research, the primary aim of the work should be to raise the living standards of people?

Because of a small mistake from an individual, a lab and a country, the entire world is counting corpses. The administrators who were busy planning for the life of their citizens are today planning to handle the deaths. People are under home arrest. The masks have put a permanent impression on the faces. Doctors are fighting this war with available ammunition or even without. The police, the health workers, the sanitation staff, are all working like mad. Why? The kids are clueless about their future. No parks, no pubs, no malls, no cinema halls. Poor people, labourers, daily wagers are not even getting food to eat. The life has become hell. Every other person is looked upon with suspicion. The hands are busy with frequent washes with soap and sanitizers. Is this the world we dreamt of?

Everyone knows who is responsible for this.  The desire of becoming a superpower is understandable but is this price not too much? What is the point in ruling dead bodies with a fear of survival? People of one country can’t remain happy with the entire world weeping. Small eyes can dream big but the competition should be healthy. Today, when every country has its own defined and acceptable boundaries, what is the need of pushing borders? Why to barge in to other’s land or impose tyrannical laws on the people? Can’t we live happily in our own area of concern?

Despite this, let us ensure ourselves corona negative and mentally positive. Many innovations have taken place in this disturbed environment in the fields of sanitisation, testing, kits, ventilators etc. A self sustainable indigenous feeling has germinated. Countries now want to be self sufficient. It is time for the countries to either have all the products from needle to the aircraft in their countries or develop multiple sources for import. Better discipline in life has also emerged. The art of living and the art of giving have improved. People have realised the value of freedom, job, cleanliness, discipline, and outing and more importantly the value of life. But one thing is for sure; we can’t forgive those who have committed this social sin!

(Note: All efforts have been taken not to bring in any names.)

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