The Mask revolution


The world is fighting against the corona virus and it is no less than a medical emergency worldwide. Our social habits are changing, our life style is changing. All the otherwise officially busy people have been spending their precious time doing nothing during the lockdown. Many came to know how many shelves are there in the kitchen, many have learned how to hold the broomstick or the mop. Many could realize why their maid servant couldn’t get rid of those stubborn stains on the floor The only purpose remained in life is: survival.

We have changed in many ways and these changes will be there with us for quite some time. One such habit is, wearing the mask. The ‘mask-revolution’ is nothing less than the mobile revolution which took no time for the poorest of the poor to own a mobile set. Now, mask has reached to the poorest of the poor. Mobile was initial a luxury, then a need. Mask is an enforced need. It is difficult to find a person without a mobile and a mask! It is not batman movie in the making, it’s a reality.

It is ironical that people are forced to wear masks though the air around us has become relatively clean. The minuscule virus has made the life miserable. God knows (or the virologists) why that virus wants to enter the nose or the mouth. And we are taught to block its way! People do not forget to pick their purse, mobile and mask before leaving their house.

Earlier people use to go to toilet to relieve them and subsequently wash their hands, now it is reverse. The bladders of such ecstatic creatures have registered complaint for overstressing them. The bodily parts which were overburdened by the gestures of hugging, kissing and handshakes are feeling relieved now, though the desires are still burning.

Coming back to the masky affair, as people started becoming aware; they tried to grab the standard N95 masks which were mainly meant for those who come in direct contact with the patients. They wanted to be extra safe without even weighing the consequences of their extra caution. Many have ordered even the PPE kits too. I doubt if these extra cautious species have ordered personal ventilators too.

With the ‘mask revolution’ reaching the masses, shopkeepers have also kept themselves abreast to the happenings. We can see various designers mask displayed like the jewels in the showroom. People purchase colourful masks to match with their dresses. They chose a shape that fits their face geography. These masks range from as low as 10 bucks to 1000 bucks and even more. I don’t know if the costlier ones have an oxygen cylinder attached to it or a golden lining. And people feel proud in flaunting those designers’ masks in public as if it was the symbol of prosperity. Though it is a different story that many use a handkerchief or a stole or similar cloth to achieve the prime objective which is to stop the entry of corona virus, not to tease it with such pomp and show.

The bigger cup size masks have always diverted my attention. I wish one could take a pair and connect them in series to make something better. Though I always preferred the surgical one. It at least gives me the feeling of achieving something pretending to be a doctor that I always wished I could be!

This virus in a brief span of time has travelled across the globe changing its identity over a period of time and travel. Hope this corona virus all its relatives leave the human body forever and restore the original beauty of our planet.

(The entire text needs to be read on a lighter note.)


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