test of trustworthiness

misunderstandings are like polluted air

they enter your body without you realizing it

you make the opinions in all possible ways

your counterpart may not be even aware of it

wrong impressions have always the upper hand

as they entice the mind with sheer effortlessness

though the world is full of a lot righteous people

it is awfully difficult for them to earn trustworthiness

it is prudent to better be safe than to be sorry

but trepidation alone should not cause worry

the negative vibes are so abundant in this world

positive ones could never maintain their existence

that is the real cause of hatred and abhorrence

as all humans are acknowledged with fraudulence

just stretch and make your narrow mindset bit broad

trust each other as all are created by the same God

if we too start travelling in the same train and give in

how will we make this world a better place to live in