the daily loops

Though the time was too less to expend

she promised just two minutes spend

she started her make-up while I waited

the ‘while’ loop was so well executed

went shopping and calculated at the end

not a single penny was left out to defend

she had spent for her the money correctly

the ‘for’ loop was executed so perfectly

then she laid down conditions for next visit

the conditional loop was the one to exhibit

I turned other side and yelled on her acts

demonstrated the open loop with the facts

she overheard and stood by me face to face

on the earth there was no escaping place

she returned all the abuses to my direction

the closed loop was executed with perfection


Let’s party

today bottle, tomorrow glass

WordPress has its own class

thereafter its beer and bar

celebrations are not too far

this will be our party place

literal joy in a literary space

rise up and share your views

shower us with poetic booze

offer us with photographic ice

the haiku will be added spice

don’t care for right or wrong

come! let’s party all day long


the real triumph

we may strive hard to be on the top

but there be a line where we stop

can’t compromise with peace of mind

as tranquillity in life is difficult to find

triumph is not when victory is ours

it is only when the happiness ushers

it is when we see joyful faces around

it is when a weak hopeless is crowned

it is when there is peace in the world

when music in the ears of deaf furled

triumph is not a discrete personality trait

it is what the entire humankind celebrate


wonderful kingdom

being here gives me too much pleasure

hard to conceive difficult to measure

all my companions from distant places

from diverse cultures and different races

walking with me on my artistic expedition

variety of writings in this literary mission

various landmarks, prompts and challenges

varied novelistic and eloquent poetic packages

this is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom

proud to be part of this wonderful kingdom


my portion

no matter, if failure is my portion

I will accept it with full devotion

as it is not always devastating

despite being bit of frustrating

rise up! and start all over again

just swallow all tears and pain

as failures make you more humble

accept them without any grumble

they add to the flavour of success

take you faster on the path of distress

builds your character, makes you star

as you may lose battle but win the war!


detonate in me!

O my beautiful stranger, dear!

are you suffering from Hi! fever

are you scared of telling Hello world

as you don’t respond to my words

the symptoms are all well examined

please undergo few tests to confirm it

don’t worry if the old memories last

the ‘ex ray’ will visibly reveal the past

please examine my earnest plea

we need to meet for a cup of tea

please get ready for a ‘See Tea’ scan

that will be the main friendship plan

hold my arms my dear ammunition!

detonate in me, complete the mission