the pattern

I received a card at my house, I opened it and it had I love you pattern

I was nervous, I saw my hand, the hairs were erect to make that pattern,

I move to take the shower, the water droplets made that pattern

I drove out to the road, the streetlights lit up to make that pattern

I strolled to the garden, the flowers queued up to make that pattern

I sat down to have the food, the rice grains lined up to make that pattern

I then tried to read the book, the alphabets lined up to make that pattern

I lay down on the terrace, the stars in the sky made that pattern

I switched on the TV channel, Tom and Jerry made that pattern

I ran out and went to temple, the chimes of bells made that pattern

then came the postman took card back, saying address was wrong

the peace prevailed thereafter and harmony turned strong