food for thought

God has granted us a beautiful life

and equally big stomach to survive

and that takes us to a dreadful place

where eatables lose their personal space

and pave their way to a hungry tummy

be it totally tawdry or perfect yummy

but there are masters of this universe

who have their skills great and diverse

but when I enter this forbidden land

my legs start shivering with quaky hand

and when I see around for what to cook

the utensils start giving me a stranger’s look

vegetables start laughing on my innocent face

the grains feel sorry for my miserable case

there comes the pan says prepare if you can

the oven, the fridge the bowls do the scan

I don’t know cooking and I can’t even fry

all I can do in this place is just sit and cry

I too have a stomach that requires a fuel

but looks I need to join a cookery school