The lifeless life

I often wonder why the entire humankind is running behind the money, power, achievements and all stuff which is not going to stay with them.

Most of the people run behind money like mad, not because they don’t have it but for the silly reason that they want more and more and more. Knowing the very fact that, this extra accumulation of wealth is neither going to increase their appetite nor their life span.

I personally feel that accumulation of anything extra is bad. The accumulation of fat, urea, fluids in the body, the accumulation of dust, accumulation of people etc. all are bad if beyond the limits. Still it happens.

Sadistically speaking, the money, power, fame etc. are all fake. They provide pleasure to us but do nothing more for the long term. Being celebrity is not the guarantee of a long life. One may be the president of a country but to himself he is just an ordinary mortal being. Nothing can stop you dying young if the Almighty has planned. All your desires, pleasures, efforts, treasures go waste, at least for you. If you have a long life, you keep counting days seeing others do what you used to do. You remember doing big things, attending gala parties, meeting personalities etc. You remember your fan following, those luxury cars, posh bungalows and feel that today all are just staring you as you need to leave the world as an ordinary human.

Once you are dead, you are none. It really doesn’t matter to anyone what you were and what you did! If you were great millions people may remember you else probably a dozen may. But it will be for a day or so. Further, only those will remember you who have a taste for history as you are history. After few years few people will remember you, occasionally. After few decades, people may even doubt whether you existed, as they came to know through only the books or photos or videos. Your family will be sure, but hardly bothered. Decades later the existence too shall fade to iota.

In a nutshell, it really doesn’t matter much whether you have achieved big milestones, or earned lots of money or attracted millions of fans. What matters most is how you lived your life. Did you live it to its fullest? Have you given time to yourself or were you always in the rat race? As it is said, “When I had time, I did not have money to enjoy and when I had money, there was not time to enjoy.” Is this the situation with you too?

(PS: Probably this may explain why I am devoid of fame, money and achievements)

4 thoughts on “The lifeless life

  1. Amazing! I want to write all this and shout it aloud but yes the deepest misery and irony lies in the statement “When I had time, I did not have money to enjoy and when I had money, there was not time to enjoy.”

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