WordPress confession

now that the WordPress has given us a chance

let us revisit blogging here with a quick glance

let us confess all that we always wanted to

prompt confession is what you should now do

confess that you hit like button without reading

confess that you always had the jealousy breeding

confess that you read comments from others page

confess that you always pretended to be under age

confess that you always favoured opposite gender

confess that you always wished to fill up the calendar

confess that you woke up early to check notifications

confess that you tried to research on others locations

confess that other’s list of followers always irked you

confess that nominations for awards often jerked you

confess that you have ganged up to make your group

confess that conversations have landed you in a soup

if no one reads it then it is not really a confession

it is an unshared secret waiting for an expression

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