Temporary Cook


Mom! Give me your book today!

Let me be temporary cook today!


awesome blogosphere

WordPress forum is just matchless

the experience one get is priceless

the bloggers here are all fabulous

the pieces written are marvellous

the knowledge bank is invaluable

satisfaction levels are incomparable

the comments on posts are memorable

the intentions of likes are inestimable

the variety one get here is immeasurable

the dedication of bloggers is incredible

I am happy and very lucky to be here

thanks to this awesome blogosphere!


zero responses

can someone also get the toothpaste

else the today’s prompt will go waste

there had been various such instances

where DP had shown zero responses

but today is the most august occasion

so this month start requires ovation

if the writers efforts are not surfacing

may be that is a trick for marketing

so, no matter what lies underneath

take toothbrush and clean your teeth


WordPress journey

errorlife is more like a WordPress site

here things are not always right

sometimes the daily prompt arrives late

with bloggers needlessly forced to wait

sometimes you encounter unexpected error

panicking pressing refresh button out of terror

at times your post doesn’t appear on the page

and you feel entrapped into a technical cage

but the natural urge to blog keeps one going

the power of knowing, the ability of showing

though one may not sail smooth always

strange is WordPress, funny are its ways


Let’s party

today bottle, tomorrow glass

WordPress has its own class

thereafter its beer and bar

celebrations are not too far

this will be our party place

literal joy in a literary space

rise up and share your views

shower us with poetic booze

offer us with photographic ice

the haiku will be added spice

don’t care for right or wrong

come! let’s party all day long