WordPress treat

all of us are really enjoying a literary treat here

some posts are full of allusions and metaphor

some carry dramatic irony to keep us glued

some are rich in epiphany, innovative but crude

some call for exposition and situational irony

some have great figures of speech and agony

some tell from the third person’s point of view

some with foreshadowing, with flashback few

there are onniscient point of views also taken

tone of some of the posts leaves readers shaken

some are with imagery and some epigraph

the similies and the diction makes us laugh

such food for thought is appetizing and delicious

it quenches the thirst and keeps us nutricious


WordPress confession

now that the WordPress has given us a chance

let us revisit blogging here with a quick glance

let us confess all that we always wanted to

prompt confession is what you should now do

confess that you hit like button without reading

confess that you always had the jealousy breeding

confess that you read comments from others page

confess that you always pretended to be under age

confess that you always favoured opposite gender

confess that you always wished to fill up the calendar

confess that you woke up early to check notifications

confess that you tried to research on others locations

confess that other’s list of followers always irked you

confess that nominations for awards often jerked you

confess that you have ganged up to make your group

confess that conversations have landed you in a soup

if no one reads it then it is not really a confession

it is an unshared secret waiting for an expression


awesome blogosphere

WordPress forum is just matchless

the experience one get is priceless

the bloggers here are all fabulous

the pieces written are marvellous

the knowledge bank is invaluable

satisfaction levels are incomparable

the comments on posts are memorable

the intentions of likes are inestimable

the variety one get here is immeasurable

the dedication of bloggers is incredible

I am happy and very lucky to be here

thanks to this awesome blogosphere!


zero responses

can someone also get the toothpaste

else the today’s prompt will go waste

there had been various such instances

where DP had shown zero responses

but today is the most august occasion

so this month start requires ovation

if the writers efforts are not surfacing

may be that is a trick for marketing

so, no matter what lies underneath

take toothbrush and clean your teeth