Do you follow job ethics?


The first thing that comes into the mind of a degree student is getting a job after the completion of the studies. Getting a job is not an easy task and one need to struggle to find an appropriate place in the work force, what is more difficult is the justice to the job assigned. Whether it is the sweeper’s job or a chef’s job, whether it is the District Magistrate job or a watchman’s job, whether it is the municipal engineer job or a software developer job, there are ethics involved with all these jobs which one needs to follow to discharge his duty rightly. Some of these are:

Time consciousness: One need to strive to complete the tasks well in the stipulated time. There can be excuses hurled for the delays but one cannot fool his own self for not doing justice to the job. It includes the punctuality also which involves coming to the office and starting the job on dot. On duty, no time should be spent on personal jobs. Once this becomes part of the ethics, output with on-time delivery increases.

Cost consciousness: While on the official duty, one need to understand that any activity that increases the cost to the company or the exchequer is not called for. All the tasks should be finished without any impact on the cost they carry. Delays and dealings also add to the cost.

Quality consciousness: A job without the quality in it is a useless job. Sometimes it may call for a rework, doubling the effort and the cost. A clean floor, a quality fly-over, a bug-free software, a zero defect component, a well nutrient meal, all fetch heart- felt appreciation in addition to their utility. Quality adds to the value of the product and makes a class of its own. Quality should be a part of the work culture and the work should not be differentiated based on the quality standards followed. Quality comes with a cost but that cost is always embedded in product. Compromise on the quality for cost cutting is unacceptable. Innovation polishes quality.

Job consciousness: Only job consciousness can drive people to do justice to their job. We need to deliver to the fullest what the job requires. With the intention comes the rest. A responsible citizen needs to carry out the job with utmost responsibility and honesty keeping a tab on the time, cost and the quality. A soldier at war front, a policeman on duty, a cleaner on road, a clerk in office, a minister of the government, a driver of a vehicle, all need to be true to their job as the repercussions follow sooner or later. Some may not affect us directly but they affect the economy and the progress of the nation. It is said that, ‘If in a nation people do their own job with utmost honesty; no one can stop that nation from being the best’!

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