High potentials, simple management

It is always good to have employees with high potential in an organisation. An organisation that can handle these bright talents skillfully will have all the reasons to excel and become a world class and professionally competent entity.  But, what if the high potentials feel unfit in the company or the management feels dwarfed? Presence of high potentials in an organisation is like opportunities available on the platter. Just follow simple management mantras and handle them effectively.

Don’t confront them head on: The high potentials will generally have out-of-the-box solutions and unorthodox way of looking at things. Confronting their outlook head-on without testing or providing a chance to prove may not be the right approach. The managerial staff should align themselves to their bustling ideas like a boat in the high flow water and ensure smooth sailing.

Utilise them to their true potential: The capabilities of high potentials need to be utilised to its fullest by the company to reap high returns on the investment. The seemingly idiotic methodologies adopted by them need to be analysed carefully to re-check if those practices can prove to be the best practices followed in the professional world?

Don’t demotivate them: In an organisation where mental inertia prevails, the existence of high potentials seizes. The main reason being the demotivation, which the orthodox mentality brings with it. Years of experience may sharpen the skills but it does very little to make the approach innovative. High potentials need to receive the deserved encouragement from the existing staff that might have put on decades of service to reach at their levels.

Make them feel comfortable: The high potentials generally make their presence felt in an organisation. The eye of the apple should not be treated as the apple of discord. They should not feel that they are the odd ones in the company. They may be the face in the crowd but should be considered part of the crowd else the discomfort levels may force them to search for other comfort zones.

Lend ear to their voice: Whatever told or suggested by the high potentials need to be patiently heard to. Their point of view may not always appear to be in the focal length of the higher ups. Their suggestions may look funny but the understanding quotient of the assessor can always make the big difference.

By carefully handling the high potentials one can always utilise that ‘extra potential’ towards the innovation and creativity in an organisation that may overall result in the growth and progress of the company.

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