Let the justice prevail

flThe recent gang rape of a woman and her daughter next to the national highway, the rape and burning of the lower half body of a girl, and a bunch of such incidents have raised grave concerns about the mental health of the contemporary society. This unfortunately has become a daily routine affair. Have we become so insensible to such grave news? Just, switch on the TV, watch for the news and you will see one or the other case of rape and sexual assault of women and innocent girls flashing across the news channels. These are the cases that get reported. However, it is astonishing that on equally daily basis we do not hear the judgement on such cases getting pronounced. The crime against women is not a recent issue. There are thousands of cases registered and the count is ticking on daily basis. So, even if we assume one year as the time taken by the courts to deliver their judgement, why are the judgements not following the same pattern with a backlog of one year? Logically and arithmetically, we should everyday hear these demons getting either life imprisonment or capital punishment. Have we ever pondered, why? Continue reading