WordPress journey

errorlife is more like a WordPress site

here things are not always right

sometimes the daily prompt arrives late

with bloggers needlessly forced to wait

sometimes you encounter unexpected error

panicking pressing refresh button out of terror

at times your post doesn’t appear on the page

and you feel entrapped into a technical cage

but the natural urge to blog keeps one going

the power of knowing, the ability of showing

though one may not sail smooth always

strange is WordPress, funny are its ways


Let’s party

today bottle, tomorrow glass

WordPress has its own class

thereafter its beer and bar

celebrations are not too far

this will be our party place

literal joy in a literary space

rise up and share your views

shower us with poetic booze

offer us with photographic ice

the haiku will be added spice

don’t care for right or wrong

come! let’s party all day long


intellectual’s paradise

WordPress is ultimately a writer’s heaven

of novel writings and poetic expression

and it is also an intellectuals paradise

sometimes longreads sometimes precise

the members create amicable environment

working towards mental enlightenment

the prompts prompt for writing everyday

to hit the publish button, come what may

it is more like a second home for many of us

where we mourn failures and celebrate success

it has encapsulated the entire world in it

planet earth has become a family we admit

I am really proud to be associated with it

and ready to open my heart and transmit


wonderful kingdom

being here gives me too much pleasure

hard to conceive difficult to measure

all my companions from distant places

from diverse cultures and different races

walking with me on my artistic expedition

variety of writings in this literary mission

various landmarks, prompts and challenges

varied novelistic and eloquent poetic packages

this is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom

proud to be part of this wonderful kingdom


A like affair

the site was awfully dull without comments and likes

and I was completely knackered with my literary gauges

then she came with ‘like machine gun’ in her striking hands

and endlessly fired the bullets of likes on all my pages

as I was immersing into the ocean of this affection

many comments popped up swiftly to invite attraction

she made her royal presence in my list of companions

and I started taking this journey in WordPress canyons

so I told her not to like so much else I will fell in love

and as  the paths of love are slippery, I may fall flat

she told you are welcome to fall where ever you want

but the gravity only shall be held responsible for that

if you love me so much then show it in the likes

I am not mad for the drinks or crazy for the bikes

if you have interest, give interest on my investment

return likes on my pages with rate of interest I spent


WordPress forum

have you met an avid reader?

the one who likes your writings

one who comments thereafter

the one record the sightings

WordPress is full of wisdom

it takes away the boredom

the posts are broad and diverse

lots of learning in every verse

once you enter this literary world

you can’t thwart any single word

people here become mostly avid learners

some are contributors some are earners

knowledge sharing always continues here

with followers ballooning every year

I am too privileged to be part of it

flying high with intellectual spirit


WP massive attack

The arteries of the site are blocked

posts from the members are clogged

the veins of Daily Prompt are chocked

the big heart of WordPress is stroked

the problems on the site are back

WordPress has got a Massive attack

The blog pages are difficult to view

neither is there a message nor a clue

the Daily Prompt shows nil responses

readers are drawing their own nuances

is this the advent of literary erosion

or the effect of bloggers bulging emotion