How do I relax?

How do I relax?

the thoughts in my mind are endless

the agonies are endless, the worries are endless

the troubles are endless, the obstacles are endless

the friendships are endless, the hardships are endless

the world is on the heap of fire

Not a single human being is relaxed

Some search for the spas to relax

some lay on the beach to relax

some achieve their targets and relax

some earn extra dollars and relax

some pay their taxes and relax

some search for a preacher to relax

some hire a yoga teacher to relax

some hang on to the music to relax

some try to sleep excessive to relax

How do I relax?

I am tired of attempting most of these

I neither got relaxed nor did I get peace

can someone tell me how to relax?

I am ready to follow the exact syntax!