The socio-political Newtonian laws

Sir Issac Newton would have been very happy. The Indians seems to be following his laws of physics proposed 330 years back very meticulously. For any literate person, the Newton’s laws of motion are very familiar. The first law deals with the state of Inertia. ‘A body moving or at rest remains in that condition, until and unless an external force is applied to it’. That means an external force is must, if you wish to go for a change. In other words, the inertia (socio-political) opposes the change. It is not only the first law, even the third law of motion, where Newton talks about an equal and opposite reaction for any action is very much followed by the people. If a leader makes derogatory remarks on someone, he gets back the same as a reaction. If X beats Y’s kid, Y also sees that he beats X’s kid equally. In the border, the security forces experience the Newton’s third law of motion daily. So, is the power of Newton’s laws formulated decades back. Continue reading