an illusion

all that you feel irrelevant today

was so apposite to you someday

the pledge to be yours for life

the promise to get moon for you

to recreate the Romeo-Juliet story

to build another TajMahal for you

we stayed lost for years together

we have shed our tears together

our world ended into one another

all untold sins were committed together

now things are not same for both of us

for trivial issues we make all the fuss

is the warmth of the love now lost

or overindulgence is paying the cost

is this real side of an ordinary human

is the love at young age just an illusion


the conspiracy

she whisked away the decent proposal

all my future plans were at her disposal

there was no point left for me to cringe

though the move made my heart singe

and I realised the most valuable lesson

my love was victim of mental aggression

rejection is not a prim reason to celebrate

my story had enough hurdles to stagnate

there was not a single aid to support

all were desperately ready to extort

how can the love live a healthy life

when conspiracy to kill it is so rife