Should a working woman marry?


Though the question appears bit unorthodox, looking at the current socio-economic environment, its relevance cannot be undermined. Though marriage is an institution, there is no compulsion that everyone should attend it. With the quantity of divorces on the rise and the domestic crime graph touching zenith, the belief in this institution is slowly thinning. Further, the trend of live-in relationship is also on the rise which is slowly making the paper called marriage certificate, obsolete. Continue reading


The veracity of jumping professions


The other day I was reading the story about doctors and engineers opting for the civil services for ‘a greater canvas to work for the people’. I couldn’t but laugh on such a statement coming out from a doctor whose job is considered as the most sacred job for the humankind and at times compared to that of the God. Can someone compare this with the routine jobs being carried out by the babus? In our country at present, the only thing that attracts the youth keeping government service in mind is the civil services because of the money and the power associated with the posts. Not a single aspirant has any intention for serving the nation. These may be termed as filmy dialogues written to either mislead people or please the interview board. The civil services exam is all about the hard work for an year or so and subsequently harvesting its benefits for the rest of the life for self, for family members and for all those who come under the circle of concern of the officer sitting on the seat of power. Continue reading


Seven characteristics of highly effective office

Cool office is not a workplace with good air-conditioner but it is an office meant for delivering outputs for given inputs under normal environmental conditions i.e. without extra pressure, elevated temperaments, turbulent mindsets, jittery relationships, volcanic fears and foggy limitations. The essential elements of such office shall be: Continue reading