The hair story


I feel, the biggest scare for a human being during peace time is finding a gray hair on his head the very first time. ‘Am I growing old?’ is the first reaction followed by a self negation of the thought. It takes months and years to make one understand and accept the fact that he or she is growing old. Continue reading


one gray hair

my friend asked me to watch alone

the biggest horror movie of all times

I enjoyed the movie with subtle ease

like a kid watches the nursery rhymes

he asked me to ride a roller coaster

so that he can hear my cries loud

but I enjoyed it like a baby swing

and sat on it like a bed on the cloud

he then asked me to eat the chillies

but that couldn’t make me scream

Wi-Fi blocking, the hiding phone

the cockroaches, the itching cream

but one day he heard me yelling loud

he came running to find the reason

I showed a gray hair from my head

which can force to yell, any human