give me a chance

I will keep trying to establish my innocence

though you may not entertain my plea

I will keep asking for your divine intervention

though you may ignore me and disagree

Life is too short to endure the imperfections

being too conscientious is also quite fine

as the world is full of horrendous opportunists

and you have all the rights to question mine

though you cannot unanimously deny the fact

that Fortune has brought us together to interact

just shred off all your apprehensions and speak

as your unjust ignorance makes me mentally weak

all the humans in this esthetic world are not fake

you may try giving a chance for humanity sake

and I promise I will come out with flying colours

together we can win the world and do wonders


The fate of my fortune

they say fortune favours the brave

am I not the one?

or the saying is a myth

why am I a hostage to the fortune?

why is fortune not smiling on me?

is the fortune a sadist

or I am not funny enough?

my wheel of fortune is wedged

whom shall I call to tell fortunes?

if every man is the architect of his fortune

am I a bad designer?

if yes, shall I continue living?

or shall I succumb to fortuity?