why do I come here?

why do I come here?

to quench the ever-growing longing of literary orgasm

to extinguish my burning desires

to satiate my greed of scholarly wisdom

to let the greats interact with

to let the knowledge show its power

to remain acquiescent

to drink the nectar seeping out of conversant souls

to submerge

to drown

to let the ocean of intelligence release the tsunami

out of the volcanic eruption of the convoluted brains

why do I come here?

to realize the supremacy of the inner self

to convey, to communicate, to connect

to discover and get discovered

to learn how to avoid being offensive

to take away things what human want

to stay human!


the unquenched desire

blame it on my insatiable Desire

or the buried, invisible dormant fire

I still strive to forget those instances

that killed me hard to take away the chances

and now I live this life showing no traces

I pretend ignorant and wear different faces

but the unquenched flames of Desire still persist

because it is there to fuel me up, so I exist

and when this dies the heart will stop beating

the mind will cease and soul will start retreating

O the centre of my burning desire wake up!

you had given me what no one could ever take up

I was fortunately human so I surrendered

but what have you lost ever you wondered?