Oh Beauty

oh beauty, you are so agile

can’t think life without you for a while

your radiance is brightening the vast blue sky

you keep our flag flying high

oh beauty, your air superiority is awesome

you effortlessly make every man’s dream blossom

your smaller size makes the people go crazy

you sheer presence let the atmosphere go hazy

oh beauty, your maneuverability is unmatched

you fulfill all the missions unscratched

your features makes us fall in love again and again

you are the best example of beauty with brain



amazing maze

and as I looked into your eyes

I lost in the maze of surprise

I tried to come out of their magic

but the depth seemed to be tragic

I drowned and reached the retina

to come out I collected my stamina

but I drowned and reached the blood cells

as I kept listening the never ending bells

then I entered the great chromosomes

tried hard to overcome the syndromes

and then I came across the nano fibres

the maze became the web of spiders

and then reached the constituent atom

I never imagined such a deep bottom

then I entered the world of electrons

and then to the protons and neutrons

I finally landed up to the quarks

and I started getting cosmic sparks

are these the eyes I always wanted to drown

never imagined such amazing touchdown


my digital wish

she is so far yet appears so near with her sheen

her words emerge from nowhere on my screen

and I feel the togetherness so close and profound

as if she is talking to me somewhere around

my words are readily converted to digital form

but will they be able to convert the feelings

O the great researchers of digital technology!

I desire to propose my need with a prior apology

please device a way to convert me into data packets

so I get transmitted in electronic form over gadgets

and I immediately reach to the tower near her

and then to the special modem for transfer

which would convert the data packets into real

and present me right in front of her to feel

this all will start with the fundamental essence

let her heartily accept the request for my presence

there will be no visa, no passport, no regulations

no railway tracks, no motorways, no tube stations

no traffic snarls, no burning of fuel, no tension

just enjoying fruits of this beautiful invention

everything will just change with this extra mile

we all will enjoy universe most healthy lifestyle


The handicapped CEOs


The topic surely attracts attention as to what the article contains? But this article is not about the differently-abled people occupying the top posts, it is about the CEOs and the chairmen who are handicapped. However, they may be handicapped because of their character or their personality traits or due to internal or external compulsions, whatsoever. This is applicable to all companies/ parties/ ministries/ institutions etc. This is the reason why these entities at some point of time feel the kickbacks due to their disabilities. Here are some of the types: Continue reading


Aero India 2017

Aero India once again

All eyes on aeroplane

Evolvkos Team Aerobatic fun

Air Show Team Scandinavian

Sarang, Surya Kiran daring acts

Make you revise their facts

Rudra, Dhruv dressed to kill

Showcaused globally every skill

Indigenous LCH and LUH

Raising anxiety, just too much

Hyper Hawk and the Jaguar,

Shining like superstar

Tejas is the wonder bird,

Turning into thunder bird

Mirage in its multirole,

Fast reaching all its goal

Hercules at its mighty best

Ready to pass any test

Globemaster with giant figure

Brings the most desired vigour

Sukhoi is the show stealer

Handling qualities absolute killer

Majestic powerful metallic bird

Rafale ready to stun the world

Gripen fever will grip the crowd

Swift and smart thundering loud

Fighting falcon is absolute delight

Ever ready to win the fight

All eyes for tantalising typhoon

It is aerospace biggest boon

But war and peace is just a game

Let us enjoy here every name

Aero India once again

All eyes on aeroplane

Readers Be Aware


I don’t want….

I just want to run away from

the concrete jungle of the city

vexatious traffic snarls all over

poisonous pollution personified pity

the emotionless heartless human race

robotic mechanised indeterminate chase

the violent mad rush towards no where

frantic living cadavers everywhere

I wish to ‘rest in peace’ for a while

in lush green meadows of rural part

I wish to lie down under open sky

I wish to breathe with open heart

I don’t want any comfort and ease

I don’t want this advancement and rise

I don’t want those technological marvels

I don’t want moon, I don’t want skies



the new age kids

when these new age toddlers

display their extraordinary talent

they leave everyone immensely perplexed

when they show their prodigious gallant

is this the exposure to the gadgets

or is this the part of their evolution

is this the need for their survival

or the grand technological revolution

the new generation kids are born genius

they exhibit the superiority of the clan

their actions are such to very well prove

that the child is the father of a man



Continuing technological excellence


When it comes to the criticism of indigenous projects, we are very proactive, confident and repetitive. One can find enormous amount of literature criticising the projects undertaken by Indian PSUs or DRDO or other government agencies. Some comment on the delays, some voice their expert views on the quality of the product, while some others may cry about the amount of money spent. It is surprising that even though most of these projects neither directly nor indirectly affect our daily life, we find it relevant to criticise but if a road is being dug up for months, footpath made unusable for weeks, flyover being under construction for years, railway line or metro on the verge of commissioning for decades, no one creates that big scene even though these things affect our day to day life! Continue reading