Do you follow job ethics?


The first thing that comes into the mind of a degree student is getting a job after the completion of the studies. Getting a job is not an easy task and one need to struggle to find an appropriate place in the work force, what is more difficult is the justice to the job assigned. Whether it is the sweeper’s job or a chef’s job, whether it is the District Magistrate job or a watchman’s job, whether it is the municipal engineer job or a software developer job, there are ethics involved with all these jobs which one needs to follow to discharge his duty rightly. Some of these are: Continue reading


High potentials, simple management

It is always good to have employees with high potential in an organisation. An organisation that can handle these bright talents skillfully will have all the reasons to excel and become a world class and professionally competent entity.  But, what if the high potentials feel unfit in the company or the management feels dwarfed? Presence of high potentials in an organisation is like opportunities available on the platter. Just follow simple management mantras and handle them effectively. Continue reading