Honky Donkey!!!


I have my office in close proximity to my home as I am residing in the company’s township. I can really feel the joy of it. Not that my house is big enough or furnished to the level of star hotels but for the very reason that it is just near to my office. I have seen people struggling to reach the office. It is not the time that is important to them but the safety. Some drive for hours, some take a cab, and some use public transport but the threat on the road remains.

Probably I may be one of those who don’t enjoy driving long periods especially to office. You struggle on the roads to reach office, then you struggle in the office for routine affairs and then struggle back on the road to reach home!  Why the hell one should spend the entire day struggling when you have peaceful means to accomplish the job? That way public transport or carpooling or cab services are better. At least you need not break your head dealing with traffic woes. However, this travel time mostly get devoted to the mobile phone, be it the songs or the apps.

Apart from the air pollution that is generated due to the vehicles on road is the noise pollution. And in the category of the noise pollution, the most irritating is honking! With the increase in vehicle population, the air pollution is amplified on roads and with rise in impatience inside the human character, the noise pollution has increased.

Honking is a bad habit and one can easily assess the character of the person on wheels. A decent and shy person thinks twice before honking as he may do while opening his mouth too. A careless unruly person will honk at his will. These are the quarrel prone creatures in real life too. An extra-careful studious person will honk for every obstacle that comes on the way. They go by the rule straight from the book. In general the tendency of honking by the person on wheels is inversely proportional to his achievements in life. The problems at home, at the work place, the financial burdens, the tensions etc. all adds up to the trigger on horn. Honking sometimes symbolizes venting the feelings out or displaying the muscle power.

One can easily imagine the effect of the honking emanating from a trailing vehicle. A single horn is bearable. A double honk attracts double attention. A triple horn makes the listener uncomfortable. And continuous honking imparts a sense of anxiety and frustration on the listener. This attracts unwanted arguments and altercations. It even results in the road rage cases where it can take a violent turn. Have you noticed that the person at the last in the queue at the closed traffic signal honks first as soon as the traffic light turns green as if the people in front don’t want to proceed forward and as if once he honks, his vehicle will fly and reach to the first place at the signal?

Driving a vehicle is a skill but driving it following the rules is an art. It requires a calm and composed mind and lots of patience. Without these the person cannot be deemed fit to drive. Learning when to press the brakes is more relevant than pressing the horn. Further, the horn should not be used as a tool to attract the unsolicited attention of fellow drivers. It may be beneficial to caution jay-walkers. We are not the animals then why to make believe other that we too have a horn? So, next time you drive your vehicle out, be ready to prove that you don’t have horns.

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