why we fight the wars ?

the humans are born to die, then why we fight the wars

these wars are cruel and ugly, they only leave the scars

the nature too kills many, by its fury via water and air

the diseases too are ready, to ruthlessly grab their share

every step is a chance of death, the life is a fallen feather

then why we fight the wars and why we kill each other

every moment there is an accident, every second there is a crash

every moment lives are lost and the bodies are in the trash

then why we fight the wars, when we don’t live in peace

when we don’t have certainty, any time we may rest in peace

lets open options for life, lets close our options for death

the human life is most precious, count on every breath


9 thoughts on “why we fight the wars ?

  1. Great poem, really up to the current state of our world. The problem is, many cherish their lives, yet think of other’s less. It is a way to justify the means to end an enemy and not feel like you’ve done something bad. It’s a problem of a class-divided society where those in the bottom are considered less than those on the top.

    We have this deranged comprehension of life and the value of it. It’s a rabbit hole without an end and I’m sure people can find a reason to justify the act of violence, describing it as a necessity.

    I understand you. I’ve been there. I hope that those in power have some sense and won’t let the world fall apart. It comes to what they decide, not to what we would like to happen. It is sad really.

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    • that is true…but see how we are slaves to others even when it comes to living our own life….protection from enemies is fine….aggression is bad,,,,attacks are worse….God has given equal opportunity to all to live in this world….no one has right to….take away that right ….

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      • Um, I won’t be so religious. Have in mind that most wars were caused and supported by the religious groups. I’d rely on the people and the guidelines of humanity to solve the war issue with logic and ethic approach. A conversation is the only right way to end the war, but those who do the talking must be cool-headed and rational.

        It also means that both side must be willing to make a sacrifice, or participate in the deal that is harmful if the peace negotiations go wrong. No peace is sustainable if one one side profits.

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      • yes….equally applicable to both the side…or all the sides involved….it i real unfortunate….that the religion is the cause of most of the conflicts….I do not understand….whether that is the real objective of following a religion….how can be the teachings of any religion so adverse…so cruel….so unkind….? Religion is just a means to thank the Almighty….for the birth we have taken….the life we have been given….

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      • Christians had crusades, Muslims had the jihad. It’s not the religion itself that is the problem, but deviation of the religious dogma, the preacher that voice out the prejudice, modulate the scripture to their own narrative and spread that illogical and harmful verses to the masses.

        The purpose of the religion was to give answers to questions, long before we had science. So, if you ask the holy Tempe for what is the problem with society, they will rarely point at themselves and point at thy neighbor one has said must love.

        This method of shifting blame has later been indoctrinated by the regime, because the religion was the head of so many countries.

        Bad ideas, bad policies are not sprung out of necessity, it is hereditary. That’s why I stay away from anything that is political and religious. I am being neutral, yet I am not rushing to point out where people are going wrong. That is something that must be learned, not passed on.

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      • Your views are balanced and justified…yes religion was there to provide answers to the people as per the religious wisdom….long before we started weighing things on the scale of science….but yes, the religious preachers thought that they are always right and somewhere the contamination of thoughts started with….preachers assuming higher degree of wisdom than the religious texts….and for the innocent people….who see preachers as the messengers of God….anything coming out of their mouth …means the word of God….and there started the chaos….the misuse….the extremism…..

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