Death-the ultimate truth

Death is the only truth in life. This is very true statement. We all think that we are living to enjoy, to prosper, to achieve fame, to accumulate wealth, to rule the world etc. etc. but the fact is that we all are living just to die another day.

We remember great personalities from the past, we appreciate and bow down to the leaders. They came, they saw, they conquered, they died! We are nowhere compared to them, they all left and we also have to go one day. Life is too selfish. We kill mosquitoes with a clap of our hands, we kill ants unknowingly below our shoes, we kill non-humans daily for some or other reasons or even without reasons. Life just evaporates.

Till we are in the growth curve, we feel on the top of the world. Once the downward slope starts, the enthusiasm, the arrogance, the haughtiness starts diluting. But the fact is that where ever we are, we never know where death is hiding to give us that tight hug, which we will not even live to remember! You may go for shopping, prepare your meals, sleep but there is no guarantee that you will wake up. You may plan things but there is no assurance that you will be there to execute them. You might have spent time with the kid of your brother or sister but there is not guarantee that you may do the same with their next kid.

Probably you had cooked something extra today assuming to have it tomorrow, it may spoil your plans. You had written your diary page today, who knows it may turn up to be your last page. you were watching an episode of a daily soap and then what next?

The clutches of death are so tight that even the money earned also cannot make them loosen, the social status cannot slacken them and even the muscle power cannot relax them. Once you are there, there is no way backward. You see some leader or a preacher talking heavily about noble deeds, long life etc. and suddenly you here that the same person passed away next day. Nobody is spared. When and where is only the question? You might have done the preparation but then it should be better than what the death has done!


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