why don’t we express when we feel so

if it hurts us why we do let people go

if we miss someone why we don’t call

why we seek happiness in other’s fall

why we don’t speak if we dislike things

why don’t we accept all what life brings

why don’t we confess if we love someone

why don’t we take the failures as a fun

why don’t we keep our expectations low

why don’t we we learn the humble bow

why our race always ends up for money

why the pain of others appears to us funny

life is the most precious gift on this planet

why we try and succeed in making it complicated

11 thoughts on “why?

  1. People don’t let people go because of the struggle they had to get them, to them,
    People don’t call because they think “Do they miss me the same?”
    People who feel happiness in other’s fall are the ones – “falling everyday” and jealous of the people happiness anyway,
    People are afraid to speak for the disliked thing – because it can be liked but the people whom they care the most maybe,
    Or they are confused in their own confusion of liking things.

    People are always looking at the negative that has been to others life by the things brought by life,
    Love has become a trauma of rejection believing that they will not even be able to talk to them,
    But they don’t understand – when you love someone they have a bond with you and if you confess they act more nicely to you — But the condition gets worse when you force them to be yours, right ???

    Something that is due to chemistry of human body – failure is not fun,
    And people do not have low expectations because they think their desires to be their need.

    And the money is still complex for me – It is tool that makes your life easy but it should not be the precious goal of the life to make money as basic is needs is what we need and other desires should not be categorized as needs ( as stated above)

    People see pain as funny because they really do not know how does it feel and thing about making complicated people really do not know in their head what does that mean.

    These are my understanding to your questions to the world. I may be incomplete here — but that is the case with everyone indeed.

    The poem in the post is wonderful. Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. Happy Blogging

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    • wow….your review of the poem is exceptionally beautiful….you have touched each and every line of the poem….just reminded me of the school days….where we were supposed to write the summarised review of the poetry of great poets….thanks that…..you made my piece look important…..your take on the questions are commendable….many of us may agree to that….still there must be different perception from many others….as the questions sense different from different side….my hearty thanks to you….for reading and reviewing this….regards….

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      • You are heartily welcome — This is what we blogger community and family are – to read each others blog and reply them, aren’t we ?


  2. Whatever u have written it is so much relatable. Its so damn true. Why can’t life be easy and going and smooth. Why dont we really confess? Why don’t things happen our way?

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