Garbage from a polluted mind

Do you like visiting a historical museum or an archaeological site? Many of us may not and many just wonder why people spend their time and money in seeing things which people say ‘were used by the historical figures earlier’. Whether it is the dress worn by the kings or the gun, or the vessels, the throne, the crown, the equipment, the cushion, the locks etc. all these can tell the current generation how we have been evolved over the years. These historical things are the testimony of it.

I love to visit these museums and sites, the palaces etc. Who does not want to visit the wonders of the world? Can one imagine how the Taj Mahal would have been built? How the pyramids were erected? How did they bring the raw materials and then the layout, the erection with such a perfection is truly amazing. Imagine yourself in that era and think. Assume you get the power of getting to the past and you land up at the time when the Qutb Minar was being built. Can you imagine this and narrate the things ‘live’ from that era?

Imagine Hitler sitting in front of you, or Mahatma Gandhi trying to clean his spectacles, Newton sitting with you in the same place where the apple had fallen on his head, or holding the bulb that Edison developed, or accompanying Christopher Columbus to his voyages, or learning plane design from the great Leonardo da Vinci? It is the beauty of nature that the places remain, the monuments too remain, as long as we preserve them and even the belongings too.  Don’t you wish to sip the coffee in the same cup which Abraham Lincoln used? How will it feel, when we look at the olden days pictures and videos and try to just get into the other side of that camera and live the life? What would have been in the minds of the actors and the production unit when they shot a movie which is now a masterpiece? Imagine you go back to fifties and Marlin Monroe performing live in front of you.

It looks childish and out of some cartoon channel theme but then there is nothing wrong in imagining and visualizing these things. Almost all people do but most of them limit themselves to their own photos or their family members’ photos and stuff. I simply love doing this and entering to the earlier life of kings, actors, politicians, scientists etc. with the help of their materialistic legacy left behind. I also try to visualize what my great grandson will be thinking after seeing my pictures and videos? Can we also think of imagining that future living with us in our ‘now’? How’s that?



5 thoughts on “Garbage from a polluted mind

      • Thank you😊my mom started to bring me around museum since a was a little girl and so I’m doing with my girls.They don’t have to go through everything but it’s never to early to start enjoy art and creativity of whatever nature and kind.We went to the Tate in London last year and my youngest one was fascinated but puzzled as in front of some art she didn’t know what to make of it so I told her to free her imagination art is what you see in it but I confess archeological site and museum are my favorite.Back to the past to realize they were nearly as advanced as us.Now I stop or I’ll be keeping for rest of the day.Sorry😳have a great day😀

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      • Actually taking the kids to the museum and such places help them realise and live the yesteryear and the historical moments ….which they otherwise read it in the text books and feel boring about them. That may be one of the reasons why new generation doesn’t like reading history much….and worse that….they even don’t like to talk or know about even their grad fathers or great grand fathers….I appreciate your time and comment….thanks for such a lovely piece of discussion….

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