Annual day celebrations

Recently we went to attend the annual day celebration at my son’s school. The preparations for the same had started from quite some time and it appeared that each and every student was supposed to participate in some or other activities.

My son too was a participant but he never revealed to us on the type of the participation. Somehow we came to know from the WhatsApp group of his class parents that he is participating in ‘Salsa’ dance. We didn’t ask him directly even after that. We were well aware that an ardent fan of cricket and football would never go for a dance readily. Since it was imposed upon by the school, he had accepted it and continued practice. Also, dancing with a female partner too was a shy event for him. Still we formally asked him as to what is he performing; his answer was ‘It is a surprise for you. Some noise and some action. Check it yourself on the annual day’.

The annual day theme was ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which in Sanskrit means that the whole world is one single family (“Vasudha”, the earth; “iva”, is; and “Kutumbakam”, family). How true is that? We meet people from other end of the world and we find them like our family members.


The organisers had put their dedicated efforts to see that the parents get a feel of this phrase in just the three hours of the stage performances delivered by their own kids. It all started with a scene where the children were asking their grandparents about their experiences at various places in the world tour. The grandparents described a place and that was followed by the kids’ performance highlighting the features of that place.

It all started with India and as we know India is known for unity in diversity. Each state of India has its own culture, language, heritage etc. In India the dialect changes every 100 kms and there are almost languages in the country. Various dance forms like ‘Bhangara’, Laavani’, ‘Classical (Bharatanatyam and kathak)’, ‘Dandiya’ etc. were performed.

Then the scene got shifted to Japan and Japanese dance as well as samurai group dance was performed by the kids. Then it was Africa where the African tribal dance was performed after its information on the screen. Then it was Egypt’s turn and the kids ‘walked like an Egyptian’ and also performed Egyptian dance on a different song which even I haven’t heard before. Then came America and there was a fashion show of Disney characters hosted on the stage where the kids lived those lovable character. This was followed by a hip hop dance and a Salsa.



I was literally surprised to see my son performing Salsa. I have watched this dance form on various TV channels but my son performing the same that too with bit of perfection was a real surprise for me. There were few steps with his dance partner too (the girl who he said later pressed his hand hard whenever he missed the steps). Salsa dance by class 4 kids was really entertaining (I never got an opportunity to dance with a female partner, I was happy that my son did).

Then the scene shifted to Antarctica and there was a hilarious penguin dance performed by these small kids. Then it was the turn of Europe in which a Russian folk dance, a ballet dance was performed. Further there was a Scottish fashion show also. Finally the stage was set for Australia and the kids performed the cowboy dance.

It gave an immense sense of pride to the parents in watching our kids perform on those tunes. However the efforts made by the teachers and the organisers left us with overwhelmed. It is true that the teachers can extract anything from the kids, which even the parents may not be able to do. Secondly, developing the sense of global sociability in the kids at this early stage allows them to think bigger, know the culture and heritage of other part of the world. This will surely in future develop a sense of responsiveness, brotherhood, harmony and ownership among the kids.

It was a well planned annual day with an inferred assurance that the kids are really in the safer hands, as far as their future is concerned.

(Note: The photos are taken from a distance via mobile phone hence do not possess requisite clarity)

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