our CAMC

Recently we received a very sensitive and expensive machine for our office that was awaited for long. As with every new thing, this machine was also treated like a newlywed bride in our office. Care was taken to position it as per the standards. The area kept clean and dust free. Only qualified personnel were only asked to operate it. The fear was that it should not start malfunctioning because then we all will find trouble in meeting the targets.

To keep the machine in functional and operational mode all the time, our manager asked us to bring the machine under AMC (annual maintenance contract) so that the vendor will help us in avoiding the downtime of the machine by taking up the repair immediately. The other manager who was still much varied of the health of the machine told that the machine needs to be brought under CAMC (comprehensive annual maintenance contract). This way the entire headache of maintaining the machine including the preventive maintenance and the requisite checks shall be taken up by the vendor. This included the cost and the availability of the spares, consumables etc. It was told that the CAMC cost maybe of the order of 15% of the cost of the machine per year.

All these events just struck a thought in my mind. I wonder, what is our cost and who knows our worth? If we set aside a monetary value for our life, are we spending at least 15% to maintain ourselves in good health every year? We take health insurance etc. but those are not he prevention type, they are all cure oriented. Where is the concept of preventive maintenance for our health in our daily life?

Today many managers have brainstormed on how to keep a machine healthy because its downtime would have affected the company’s health too. But how many think of covering self with an AMC. Today we see patients with types of diseases that we never had heard of. Diabetes test, thyroid tests, stool test, blood profile, liver profile, kidney profile, vitamin tests, mineral tests, ECG, blood pressure monitor, etc. are few of the tests that have now become mandatory at a very early age. The day we join a job, we are qualified to get these and many other similar tests done in order to see that we have 100% uptime.

Prevention is always better than cure. There are various hospitals and health care centres that offer comprehensive health packages mainly to ensure that we are healthy. The types of tests vary with the age in their packages and also the value of the package. Obviously, as my manager was pointing out that an old machine requires more maintenance. Unfortunately we do not feel the need of adopting the preventive care and suddenly one day we land up in a hospital with much more tragic condition.

I strongly feel that we need to allocate a percentage of money for preventive care and get it done annually so that our machinery keeps working without a breakdown.

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